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  1. Then again, I wouldn't overlook AMD. The Athlon II X4 620 gives you 50% more bang for your buck (speed/$) than newer Intel quad cores, and there are lots of great & inexpensive boards. Intel has some faster CPUs but they sure cost more. For example, the i7 930 is 2x faster but 3x the price of that X4 620 ($300 vs $100). Or even if you go mainstream, the i5 750 is about 35% faster than the X4 620 (hardly impressive), but at double the price ($200 vs $100). Also, AMD is supposed to introduce 6-core CPUs next month as well (Phenom II X6 1055T and others) which should cost a lot less than $1000 too.

    i will look at that, for now tho i feel safer with intel

    Any way, like CoffeeFiend said, it all depends on what you are going to do with it, so, if you run a heavy database server or so, teh tripple channel would be better but for your average home usage and gaming, dual channel would do just fine. 1333 vs. 1666 will give you 20% more bandwidth but timings, depend on the module configurations and specs, could be worse, however the 20% more bandwidth would make that up. What exactly do you want to know? And what are you planning to do with the system?

    i am wanting to find out what will be optimum for my needs, partially future proof but not overkill. i will be using it for probably software development (Visual Studio, PHP etc) some design (photoshop, illustrator maybe others in the CS suite plus 3D modeling, rendering likely Maya, mental ray)

    does a higher frequency ram provide any benefits if i don't overclock?

    Nope. It'll just run at a lower clock speed than it's able to.

    for example, some motherboards eg. P7H55-M says

    4 x DIMM, Max. 16 GB, DDR3 2200(O.C.)*/2133/1866/1800/1600/1333/1066 Non-ECC,Un-buffered Memory

    Dual Channel memory architecture

    in intel site


    says DDR3 1333 so i guess the mother board usually do not overclock by default right? so it means i get a DDR3 1333 RAM will do? maybe with XMP?

  2. i need some help modifying removal64.bat for my use. i need to edit it isit?

    i installed WAIK 1.1 already, i noticed the batch looks for C:\imagex.exe which is not there.

    also how do u get windows 7600? i have 7100.0.090421-1700_x64fre_client_en-us_retail_ultimate-grc1culxfrer_en_dvd btw, so i guess i set

    set cb=amd64
    set build=7100
    set svn=???
    set pre=???
    set II=4
    set edition=U

    btw, what components/packages are removed? can i change them? how will i know what am i removing in


    UPDATE: i guess i see packages.xls for the above

  3. what is the relationship between columns in the packages.xls?

    Packages, Microsoft-Windows-Client-Features-Package & Other vLite components?

    i dont really see clear relationship between Desktop_Shell-GettingStarted-NoWindowsLive-Package, Character Map & Accessibility.

    and whats the meaning of N-Edition? if removal is blank it means i cannot remove? vLite means i remove it in vLite? and DISM means i remove it ibn DISM?

  4. i recently got just a blank black screen/desktop after boot (i still see the welcome screen then blank (with the Windows 7 Evaluation copy ... stuff))

    i have restored the backup image i have. but what might it be caused by? in XP sometimes i see such things happening. but i havent in Vista, this is the 1st with Windows 7. in XP i just need to ctrl + alt + del and run explorer. but in this case, windows 7, ctrl + alt + del doesnt work

  5. whats the deal about home groups vs normal file sharing?

    homegroups is only for full Windows 7 networks right? i cant use it with XP/Vista PCs?

  6. what do i use if i want to sync my files with backup. something like SVN or incremental backups. except i dont want an image that i got to get into the image to access files ... or is that a good idea? an image will be compressed ... hmm

    eg. say i have a folder resources that used to have files 1 & 2 that is backup-ed

    after sometime, i have files 2 - 6 (so file 1 is deleted, 3 - 6 new, 2 may have been changed)

    how can i sync these files to backup?

  7. Mepty file can be removed, forgot which option it is. Add/remove is known to not work upon removal of Help (Windows Search and Fax support also reported as dependant for Windows features to work).

    i actually did not remove the components u specified. i saw that on http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=862242

    COMPONENTS that CANNOT be removed

    Game Explorer

    Snipping Tool

    Welcome Center

    Windows Image Acquisition

    WLAN Support

    Internet Explorer

    Network and Sharing Center

    Windows Firewall

    Application Experience

    Internet Connection Sharing

    Multimedia Class Scheduler

    Background Intelligent Transfer

    Windows Update

    Component Cache (winsxs)

    Manual Install (Setup.exe)

    Microsoft HTML Engine


    IMPORTANT Windows System32 files to PROTECT








    Miscellaneous APPLICATION & COMPONENT Removal Issues

    Removing Help component breaks Windows Features

    Removing Fax Support component breaks Windows Features

    Removing Windows Search service breaks Windows Features

    Removing Task Scheduler service breaks Disk Defragmenter

    Removing Windows Connect Now service breaks Devices & Printers

    Removing Crash Dump Support breaks Hibernation and Hybrid Sleep

    Removing Event Log service breaks Tweak 7 Beta and O&O Defrag 11

    Removing Distributed File System component breaks Group Policy Object Editor

  8. oh ... i am the only user of the computer actually, i guess its because i formatted it and so my new OS user is not the same as the prev?

    that long user is some auto generated user? i just tried deleting another folder and got the user to be "TrustedInstaller". its quite wierd cos i think i created the folder. this TrustedInstaller isit something to do with vLite? the folder i am deleting is a Windows 7 source i am using with vLite.

    how can i prevent such things? i am the only user of the computer ... some spyware? i think the TrustedInstaller folder is from a win7 vlited source that vlite crashed 1/2 way.

  9. i still get prompts saying i need permissions to do something even after i disabled UAC. except now i cant say allow. i noticed in Windows 7 "diaabling UAC" seems to be like just setting it to not prompt. do i need to really disable it somehow?

    permissionn.th.png when deleting files

    i am on Windows 7100 RC x64

  10. i am wondering what can i use to remove components in windows 7 other than vLite? which seems not v easy to use with Windows 7 - i must see those must keep list etc. which i still seem to break Windows Add/remove components ...

    DISM? it seems abit limited in functionality when compared to vLite? or maybe i am not familiar with it. it can create unattended installs but can it remove components like vLite can?

    what can i use to:

    - remove components (target: to reduce size & increase speed)

    - tweaks (target: increase speed)

    - create unattended install (target: speed up install - no need to be there to look)

    - "sysprep" (to backup a image that contains programs i need, best if it can be installed on other PCs)

  11. i am trying out ImDisk as a image mounting software. after installing a certificate, at the bottom right of my Windows 7 RC 7100 x64 is the Text "Test Mode". whats this abt and how do i remove it?

    Special note specifically for 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008

    Please note that 64-bit versions of ImDisk has not been fully tested but they share source code with the 32-bit version so they should be as stable as the 32-bit version.

    The 64-bit driver files included in the install package will not load on 64-bit Vista or 64-bit Server 2008 unless the machine is running with testsigning switched on (type bcdedit /set testsigning on at Command Prompt and reboot to activate this). Testsigning mode means that 64-bit Windows will load drivers signed with test certificates and not only certificates backed by a trusted root certificate. The driver files are signed with my test certificate which can be imported to the Trusted Root Certification Authorities on the 64-bit Windows machine. You can download the test certificate here. This applies to 64-bit Vista and 64-bit Server 2008, it is not necessary on 64-bit Server 2003 or 64-bit XP where the driver will load automatically.

  12. what do you want to do with vLite

    i am modified the win7ultra64.ini from http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=134863 and vLite-ing:

    - components

    - tweaks

    - unattended setup

    - bootable iso

    LP is not possible on a x86 Windows if you use a x64 Windows as source

    whats "LP"?

    UPDATE: i can use vLite in my virtual box + windows vista x64. i think its because i installed WAIK 7 b4

    UPDATE2: am i right to say Unattended does not work for Windows 7? it says i have entered an invalid key in the answer file. i think i saw somewhere that vLite for Win 7's unattended does not work?

  13. ****, you have a x64 Windows. I can't really use the x86 debugger.

    Are you using the WIn7 RC WAIK? if yes, install the WAIK 1.1. vLite has issues with the WIMGAPI.dll from WIn7 WAIK

    yes i am using Windows 7 RC x64. i installed WAIK 7 but reinstalled WAIK 1.1 already. it still fails. can it be because i installed WAIK7 b4?

    i will try installing windows vista on virtual pc to try vLite on it. can i vLite a x64 OS in a x86 OS?

  14. i noticed vLite runs v slow also, when i browse for my Win7RC source

    looks like theres a problem with netfx!

    so i just reinstall .NET Framework? i think i have 3.5 SP1 already, Visual Studio 2010 Beta is working also

    i just tried dl-ing and installing again but running the setup dont seem to show any dialog ... hmm is something really wrong? or will no dialog show if i have it installed already?

    try this: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=130004 to get a dump and more information about the crash

    i uploaded to MS SkyDrive - http://cid-b0751ff5ebb930ec.skydrive.live....ublic/vLite.rar

    i found "Create Dump File" is Task Manager hope its the same as the cmd 1.

  15. i always get the following error when i try to vLite Windows 7 RC x64 (7100) on my Windows 7 RC x64 (7100).

    Stopped working

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
    Problem Signature 01: vlite.exe
    Problem Signature 02:
    Problem Signature 03: 48ca680f
    Problem Signature 04: mscorlib
    Problem Signature 05:
    Problem Signature 06: 49d44798
    Problem Signature 07: 344a
    Problem Signature 08: 15a
    Problem Signature 09: System.UnauthorizedAccess
    OS Version: 6.1.7100.
    Locale ID: 1033

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