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  1. lect

    Vista CD edition

    u can get free cds from ms if u can provide proof of purchase
  2. i will try since i have this error too now i gotta figure out how to free up space lol
  3. since this topic is my main prob... so please tell me how i am suppose to make a vlite iso of vista cd size if i can not rebuild the files into an iso thank you if anyone can help me with this topic
  4. i have it installed to the default dir using the .8vlite installer... so no fix yet huh... heh thanks... keep me informed cheers!
  5. The Apply and rebuild function in vlite, Having major error crashes.. HELP! so i hit Apply and rebuild... it does its magic... but when it hits saving changes it crashes this is the error msg when it goes to the saving changes part "Error while accessing image" "-The process can not access the file because it is being used by aonther process." fyi both filters are installed and .net 2.0 is installed too! i have no issues running all other functions of vlite except for this on any ideas ? thanks..!
  6. topic says it all http://www.vlite.net/help/options.html Missing Image Compression from options section ? any ideas on what i did wrong or can do to get it back ? been having issues creating slimmed down isos... think this maybe the issue.... thanks

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