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  1. Hi Romanian, Sorry for the late response. I checked my C drive size. if i exclude hibernation file and page file the size is a little over 7GB. I have Virtual box installed which account for most space. of the installed programmes. (couple of hundred MB) But the virtual OS is on D Drive. winsxs account for about 4GB space of those seven. Hope this gets you a good picture of the install:) Regards /Frewys
  2. Hi, Found a post on Piratebay by a private tip from dssence. A guy calling himself "Proz" had some additional removed (and some not) supposedly its supposed to work to. so compare and ad to the remove list if you want. [Components] ;# Accessories # Accessibility Speech Support System Information ;# Drivers # Display adapters-Ati Display adapters-Intel Display adapters-nVidia Diva Server Modems Printers QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter Scanners TV Tuners ;# Hardware Support # Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) Smartcards ;# Languages # Japanese Korean Simplified Chinese Table Driven Text Input Processor Traditional Chinese ;# Multimedia # Music and Video samples Sample Pictures Screensavers Shell event sounds Wallpapers ;# Network # Internet Information Services (IIS) Windows Mail ;# Services # Error Reporting IP Helper IPsec Policy Agent Windows Time ;# System # Manual Install (Setup.exe) Microsoft Agent Natural Language Tablet PC Windows Defender Windows Easy Transfer And sorry romanian. I'm in the process of moving so i didn't have time yesterday will try tonight to get you the information you request. Regards /Frewys
  3. OK. But the point I was driving at was if you used WAIK to pre-install features you'd be definitely using as defined in another thread, coz vlite does warn that it [and does!] breaks the Add Features ..um.. feature. I guess if your .ini preserves that then it wouldnt be necessary to preinstall anything now. I'd give a go but then I'd like to know if I get to save some space versus my present waik-vlite installl which i'm happy with now ^^ hence my question on disk space. Add the ram use while your at it ok hehe OK if the Q is if i preinstall something then no. I don't do that. Just strip it of the stuff in my ini. Didn't know it broke from adding stuff to. I'm mostly interested in removing stuff anyway Regards /Frewys
  4. Hi romainian, I used the necessary DLL files in order to get WIM working otherwise i wouldn't even getting to chose which option to remove and keep. But to answer your Q. I didn't install WAIK. Don't know exact install size right now. I'm at work but will check when i get home later tonight. Only issue its not "clean" anymore but can try to ad installed app so you can estimate for yourself Regards /Frewys
  5. Thank you for that! and good luck Also think its about time we got a descent list of working and non working things to remove. How hard could it be if we all chipped in. After all. Windows 2008 server workstation is the best thing since sliced bread Regards Frewys
  6. Not really. Try this one. Should work. Going to try it on a X64 server OS now. got the ISO down to 796MB but its from an old Vlite build i made in feb or something. If you dont want to remove something just remove it from my ini file:) Regards /F OK! confirmed. I got it to work with a X64 machine as well. size little over 1GB ISO. And everything works like roles and features. Please ad to the list and maybe we can make a even smaller built. I don't have time to try anymore right now Regards /F
  7. Not really. Try this one. Should work. Going to try it on a X64 server OS now. got the ISO down to 796MB but its from an old Vlite build i made in feb or something. If you dont want to remove something just remove it from my ini file:) Regards /F Last_Session.ini
  8. this is interesting. I built me a good and working server version that I used for about 6 month (the longest i have ever used an install) But now i wanted to make a new built with the newer Vlite. i have gotten this error every time! don't know whats changed since i don't have the old build left. but I cant imagine much since they where both about 800 MB ISO. Had the same experience with both x64 and x86. So I'm very curious to a solution to this:) Regards /Frewys
  9. frewys

    original drivers

    Hi again, I'm having issues I think with some removed default drivers from my built. Is there any way to restore these driver from the original Vista DVD? Where are they located? Kind regards Fredrik W
  10. frewys

    wei restore

    Hi everybody, I have removed windows experience index the grading system for vista. I was just wondering if there was a way to restore it? Is it just a file that i can put back or are there some registry issues to attend to also? Kind regards Fredrik W
  11. frewys

    Vista CD edition

    Sorry for this! Did a REAL search.. just did the google one before! And it seems Nuhi has a solotion PLANNED for this allready! regards and thankyou.. once again!
  12. frewys

    Vista CD edition

    I KNOW its kinda stupid idea! But hear me out on this! I have a HP laptop WITHOUT DVD/CD drive. So i have bought an external CHEAP USB CD drive ( since i dont in general NEED a CD/DVD just for install) and it works just great thankyou! Iknow you can remove everything in Vista and get a CD size file. But I dont want to remove everything! So my Q is. IS it possible to make my expecting 4 Vista CDs Vlite AND compile them to expected two new CD ISOs ready to be burnt? Regards and Thankyou Nuhi for a EXCELENT product once again!...

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