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  1. Ok not very impressed with TrueCrypt. Its already messed up my drive before I have even done anything. I tried to format my external HD then I saw it would take 2 days to format so I canceled it. Then my drive wouldn't work. So naturally I tried to format the HD. Windows can't format the drive or do anything with it.
  2. I read his question as 4.How to reinstall XP (clean install including disk format) without (booting from) CD. --> See "Install XP from USB" sub forum and its (at least 3) different methods. Could you give me a link please .
  3. I want wipe the old version of XP off the HD then put my custom version of XP on the HD . Doesn't that equal a reformat?
  4. Whats the sdelete for? Any chance that you have a working sdelete link? The link won't work .
  5. Could you please explain the USB method.
  6. How do you reformat a Windows XP computer without a CD Drive? Sorry I forgot to mention it has USB and no floppy drive or firewire.
  7. Among the others, the easyness of use. You have a volume which is represented physically by a file. You can copy/move the whole (encrypted) file to other media more easily than if it were a "real" volume (or partition). Other ones: FreeOTFE: http://www.freeotfe.org/ BestCrypt (COMMERCIAL): http://www.jetico.com/encryption-bestcrypt/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of...yption_software Since you have no reason for having pre-boot authentication, FreeOTFE is the "right" thing for you, and you cannot beat it's price . jaclaz Why do u think FreeOTFE is better than TrueCrypt? I'm trying to learn .
  8. I prefer a full disk encryption. What is the point of a virtual encrypted disk when I am not testing an OS. I have Windows XP so I don't think I can use BitLocker_Drive_Encryption .
  9. I'm looking for some External HD Software for security. I really don't care about backup software. I can backup my stuff myself when I feel it is necessary. I just don't want other people to be able to view my data easily on my External HD's.
  10. I'm curious who has tried NTI Shadow 4 with Ninja? Also did you like it or not and why? http://www.ntius.com/en/us/product/shadow4.asp
  11. What is everyones favorite WINDOWS IRC client? I'm experimenting right now I'm curious .
  12. Thx. Thats what I get for not going to sleep last night. I couldn't read .
  13. Where did you get the date 2008-10-05 from? This website said it was released on 2009.07.06. http://www.free-codecs.com/Media_Player_Classic_download.htm
  14. http://mpc-hc.sourceforge.net/guliverkli-gabest.html Could someone clarify this "The original author Gabest has stopped releasing updates to the MPC Guliverkli MPC since 2006 so we continued the Guliverkli project under the name of Home Cinema including many bug fixes and 64 bit support." Media Player Classic was updated on 2009.07.06 to http://www.free-codecs.com/Media_Player_Classic_download.htm Which version is better to use and why?
  15. It seems like Microsoft is having Server Problems in Florida. I can't get it to work. I have tried 3 different browsers and computers in 3 different locations.
  16. Does anyone have a working link to Microsoft Craplight? There bloody website is not working. Or if you have the installer on your computer can you make me a link please?
  17. It's a powershell script (BTW, you don't want the line numbers in there), so .ps1 extension, and it requires you to have powershell installed (you don't say which OS you use, and in case you're still using XP, then you'll have to install that -- not sure if the ngen issues have been fixed either). And depending on your particular setup, you may have to digitally sign the script for it to run (I have it set so no unsigned scripts will run here, and that's the default -- in Win7 at least) i.e. use makecert to make your own or buy one, then install it on all your boxes, then sign all your scripts (or do the insecure thing, and configure it to run anything). You also have to specify the full path to the script so it'll run, and can't run it by double clicking either. And this particular script runs for 60 mins (then it starts kicking in afterwards), unless you pass minutes as a parameter to it, so you better know how long your movie watching will last including any possible breaks/pauses... Powershell rocks, but this is *way* over-complicated IMO (and way too high a learning curve for most end-users who just want to watch a movie uninterrupted) MPC HC just works I'm using XP. It looks like powershell is a bit complicated. If it was a Java script, cmd file, bat file I would be very interested in learning . Right now I don't have very much interest in learning about Powershell.
  18. How do you run it? Do you make a bat or cmd file? 1.param($minutes = 60) 2. 3.for ($i = 0; $i -lt $minutes; $i++) { 4. Start-Sleep -Seconds 60 5. $Pos = [System.Windows.Forms.Cursor]::Position 6.[System.Windows.Forms.Cursor]::Position = New-Object System.Drawing.Point((($Pos.X) + 1) , $Pos.Y) 7. 8.}
  19. I'm using a computer that I'm not the admin of. I'm trying to watch a movie and every 10 bloody minutes the screensaver activates. How do I stop this from happening? The computer is active and running. I've tried watching the movie with VLC, Media Player Classic, and windows crap player and the screensaver always activates. Can I run some other program or a cmd prompt to do something every 10 minutes?
  20. Does anyone have a good installer monitor program? I want to see what happens in the installation process of a couple of programs.
  21. Where's the Firefox Addon Maker? And how do I set a non default directory with it?

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