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  1. Why not just put: ;WINNT.SIF [Components] Games = Onafter you edited sysoc.inf and copied the right files on cd?
  2. @for /f "delims=" %%i in ('dir /b /s /ad') do @if exist "%%i\install.cmd" call "%%i\install.cmd"
  3. No variables for this as there can be quite a few removable drives in any system. You can however create your own variable in the windows setup scripts, i.e. in a .cmd that is run from cmdlines.txt, add: reg.exe add HKCU\Environment /v CDROM /d %~d0\ /f This gives you a CDROM variable containing the drive letter of the location of the script, your windows cd - but it won't reflect system changes after setup, so use is very limited. You may use %~d0\ in other steps of your installation, as long as its in a .cmd file. (%~dp0 gives you the complete dir of your script) Flo
  4. Seeing how other people take interest in this specialized topic (@mvsnaniou), I'd like to add a recent find: The DOS-LOGO project They made a driver that apparently works on older versions (but not FreeDos) and reads a logo.sys. Untested, but looks like a complete emulation including animation and escape-key override! In any case, the gallery of logos includes nice ones for MS-DOS 6.x/7.x Flo
  5. Hello Unattenders, making custom packages is what tweaking any software setup is all about. I think the usual method is to simply create a sfx-archive with your favorite archiver, which I really dont like as I want packages that give me a nice visible setup when double clicked, with the option to make it unattended. Inspired by this post I set out to find a newer version of this sfx, and preferably in english since that one has some turkish resources in it - and find it I did: SfxCab features: subdirs in archive parameter passed to default action/command no config file clutter, very 3rd party unpacker friendly not signed like IExpress packages, i.e. some archivers may be able to modify it SfxCab limitations: command must be an exefile without parameters can't override default command with something else no fancy icon, in fact no icon whatsoever Make your own: Compress your files cabarc -m LZX:21 -p -r N ..\outfile.cab *.* stub only works with LZX compression Flag the executable open outfile.cab in a hex editor and edit the cab header for your executable like this: 20 00 setup.exe => 60 00 setup.exe all other files should have a 20 00 flag - if not, use cabarc and not a 3rd party archiver Build the sfx copy /b sfxcab.exe + outfile.cab outfile.exe If you only have an MSI, use setupbld.exe from WIX 3.0+ to convert it to exe. Find other "Self-Extracting Cabinet" stubs: The attached stub is taken from the english IE7 setup, the cab-data starts at the 3rd occurrence of "MSCF". Happy installing, Flo sfxcab.zip
  6. Hi Mr. Poller, the tool Blackout is exactly what youre looking for: Dave's utility list - middle of page No animation, but it kicks in with config.sys already. But you should really consider updating to DOS 7, and let Logo.sys do the work for you. Greetings from Berlin, Flo
  7. Hi Peter, $OEM$\$$\system32\oobe\oobeinfo.ini should overwrite the original one, but a common mistake is to place it in $OEM$\$$\system32\oobeinfo.ini which doesnt work - of course you need "OemPreinstall = Yes" in winnt.sif for it to start the copying. nLite has the ability to remove the OOBE wizard completely, you should check if you have one to begin with. This is my oobeinfo.ini, it will skip anything but user creation: ;OOBEINFO.INI [StartupOptions] Offline = 1 Registration = 1 ScreenResolutionCheck = 0 [Options] IntroOnly = 0 NoIspPreconfig = 1 JoinDomain = 0 AdminPW = 0 SkipAutoUpdate = 1 Also i would like to add to #1, i use a batch of registry tweaks 2 times, once in Setup to get the default user, and once as RunOnce to set things that wont get copied from the default user profile. So for Automatic Updates, insted of going through the troubles of creating 2 registry packages, i just include set RegKey=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Auto Update reg.exe add "%RegKey%" /v AUOptions /t REG_DWORD /d 4 /fat the end of my cmdlines.txt batches. Peter, i hope this helps a little. Flo
  8. Hello fellow unattenders, I would like to share a few solutions for issues concerning the WinXP post-setup OOBE wizard. 1. Configure Automatic Updates screen wont go away. Even with ;WINNT.SIF [Data] AutomaticUpdates = Yesmany people still get that screen. Thats because youre probably importing regtweaks that change the AUOptions value in the registry. Only if AUOptions is set to 4 (automatic install), OOBE will honor ;OOBEINFO:INI [Options] SkipAutoUpdate = 1so you should set the correct AUOptions in a RunOnce-event. 2. OOBE asks to confirm display settings. You need to set at least ;WINNT.SIF [Display] AutoConfirm = 1 ;actually ConfigureAtLogon seems to be NT4 legacy, i removed it in mine ;ConfigureAtLogon = 0 Xresolution = 800 Yresolution = 600and additionally ;OOBEINFO.INI [StartupOptions] ScreenResolutionCheck = 0 3. Disabling screen Connect me to the internet Just add ;OOBEINFO.INI [StartupOptions] Offline = 1 4. Disableing ISP signup Just delete the [signup] section, #3 will always skip this. 5. Disabling Windows registration OOBE actually recognizes the infamous registry flag if your Windows is already activated, #3 will always skip this. To make sure, add ;OOBEINFO.INI [StartupOptions] Registration = 1 6. OOBE wont get disabled If you happen to have ;WINNT.SIF [Unattended] UnattendSwitch = Yesand OOBE wont go away, delete the line ;OOBEINFO.INI [Options] IntroOnly = 0I actually use this with the opposite intention. 7. Creating Users (just for completeness) ;OOBEINFO.INI [UserInfo] ;000 will rename that standard Administrator account Identity000="MyAdmin" Identity001="MyUser1" Identity002="MyUser2"Maximun of 6 Users, be aware that all will get administrator privileges. 8. Placement of oobeinfo.ini These all work fine: I386\oobeinfo.in_ (recompressed) I386\oobeinfo.ini (only if no compressed version present) $OEM$\$$\system32\oobe\oobeinfo.ini Greetings from Germany, Flo
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