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  1. Ways to get back the Start Menu/Button in Win8

    Start8 works with any of the 8.1 builds just fine.
  2. Fences 1.0 Released!

    Fences 1.0 is now officially released, and available for download. I know many of you have been using the beta for a while, so be sure to grab the final release. Fences 1.0 download (free)
  3. WindowBlinds 7 - Beta2

    The beta 2 update for WindowBlinds 7 has been released today. If you are an Object Desktop subscriber you now have access to this beta which arrives with a variety of updates. Updates include: Live previews. See the changes you make in settings in real-time Completely new user interface which includes grab and throw scrolling, reflections, and a simpler layout. Improved Windows 7 support Improved skin coloring (see video) Improved sub-style selections, and skin search If you purchased WindowBlinds anytime after April 1st, 2009, then you will receive the WB7 update for free. More info at www.windowblinds.net.
  4. XP THEMES/skins

    Of course if you want more flexibility and features check out WindowBlinds. WindowBlinds
  5. The latest update to BootSkin Vista was released this week, which now brings a stand-alone download. The free version of BootSkin allows you to apply bootskins, but not create. To create bootskins you need to be a subscriber to Object Desktop. BootSkin can be downloaded via Impulse, or from the link below. http://www.stardock.com/products/bootskin/
  6. [Desktops] 2008

    Zing! WindowBlinds skin by JJ Ying
  7. [Desktops] 2008

    BlackGlass skin for WindowBlinds 6 Wallpaper - I wish I was here ObjectDock Plus
  8. IconPackager 4 Update

    IconPackager 4 was released, and is quite a significant update, especially for users of Windows Vista. If you are a current Object Desktop subscriber you can download the update through Impulse. Link: IconPackager
  9. WindowBlinds 6.1 update

    There is a free update for existing users of WindowBlinds available. The most notable feature is the addition of the Explorer Background feature which allows you to apply a background, and adjust the opacity of the Explorer background. Other additions include performance tweaks. Link: WindowBlinds
  10. SkinStudio 6

    SkinStudio 6 has been released! SkinStudio is a free application designed to easily create skins for WindowBlinds for both Windows XP and Vista. SkinStudio 6 is re-designed to provide skinners a step-by-step way of creating their own Windows visual styles that, upon completion, can be applied with WindowBlinds. Download: SkinStudio 6
  11. CursorFX released!

    CursorFX is a free program that allows users to customize their mouse cursors in ways far beyond what Windows is capable of doing on its own. CursorFX is the replacement for CursorXP which only ran on Windows XP systems. CursorFX runs on both Windows Vista and XP, and updates the Windows mouse cursor engine to support fluid animations, alpha blending, effects, real-time shadowing, user-action mouse states, mouse cursor resizing on the fly, color changing, trails, and much more. A gallery for CursorFX cursor themes is available on WinCustomize.com to download hundreds of free mouse cursors, trails, effects, and more. CursorFX is a free program. A plus version is available for $19.95 that adds more features. Download: www.cursorfx.com
  12. [Desktops] 2008

    WindowBlinds - Aero Executive
  13. CursorFX Beta Preview

    The first beta of CursorFX has been released. CursorFX is the successor to CursorXP that allows users to create and change their Windows cursors. Very cool cursors can be used and created as CursorFX takes advantage of the visual effects features in both Windows XP and Vista. Some features of CursorFX: Cursors with unlimited size Fully anti-aliased cursors Fully 32-bit alpha blended cursors Animations and scripts Cursors with normal and pressed states Full featured theme editor Full featured graphic control panel Fully configurable soft shadow There will be both a free version, and Plus version with additional features. Keep in mind this is a beta preview release. More information and the preview download can be found at http://www.cursorfx.com/.
  14. [Desktops] 2007

    WindowBlinds - Winter Wonderland Wallpaper - Winter Begins DesktopX - Christmas Lights ObjectDock Plus