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  1. Quick Launch Classic 7 Tool 1.0.5

    First of all, I have used wazer's solution for years (installing Win7 at people's homes) and it always worked perfectly and I am still grateful for the work it saved me. But modron's solution is just brilliant in it's simplicity. It "happens" before the desktop is visible, so the quicklaunchbar is just there as if it never has been gone. Now I have to live without the funny looks of the customer, when he sees the mouse moving by itself, installing the quicklaunchbar, but I can live with that
  2. Quick Launch Classic 7 Tool 1.0.5

    I see this program has come a loooong way and has become really wonderful, Thanks a lot for all the work! I was still using version 1.4 I added 2 lines though at the end of the script (which speak for themselves for the ones that want to use it) FileDelete(EnvGet("AppData") & "\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\Launch Internet Explorer Browser.lnk") FileDelete(EnvGet("AppData") & "\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\QuickLaunchClassic7_shortcut.lnk") The first line removes Internet Explorer from the QuickLaunchBar The second line removes a shortcut from the startupfolder named "QuickLaunchClassic7_shortcut"
  3. Thank you SO much. I had the same problem and was looking in the completely wrong direction to solve it You saved my day!
  4. [beta] User Creation Tool

    I'm pretty new to unattended install creation, so forgive me if I ask a stupid question, but... all works fine after I put the program somewhere in the $OEM$ folder, but I do not understand what the result is of integration with the other packs. I mean: I did integrate it, so I guess I don't have to put it in the $OEM$ folder anymore, but where is it ? How do I start it, after integration? (Now I still copy it to $OEM$)
  5. [beta] User Creation Tool

    Thanks, that was fast!
  6. [beta] User Creation Tool

    Dutch translation (ansi code page 1252 ) DutchLang_Strings.7z