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  1. Nevermind! stupid oscdimg still forces joilet even with install.wim bigger than 2GB. This is a JOILET limitation. UDF must be used (-u2 switch)
  2. Hi! I'm doing some experiments with imagex just to try understand how does this work and how I can benefit from it. The objective is to capture an image with all updates installed and with a few (~20, 30) programs installed. Step by step: 1) Create two VM machines and install an untouched Windows 7 in each. Let's call it A and B 2) On machine A install windows AIK and on windows B run sysprep, install all software and finish with sysprep shutdown + generalize 3) On machine A mount virtual hard drive of machine B, then capture it: Assumptions: -Machine B is now E:\ -Copied untouched W7 install CD to c:\imagex Command 1: imagex /COMPRESS fast /CHECK /VERIFY /CAPTURE E:\ C:\IMAGEX\sources\install.wim "WAIK1" "WAIK2DESC" Command 2: oscdimg.exe /b"c:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\PETools\amd64\boot\etfsboot.com" /n /m /o /l"WAIKteste1" c:\IMAGEX c:\test1.iso 4) Try to install final test1.iso with captured image in a new, clean VM But I got an error that is: "Windows cannot open the required file D:\Sources\install.wim. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070026" --- What I've already done: - Searched for this error and for tips on search engines. - Tried to not use generalize option - Mixed up some imagex flags So, am I doing something wrong here? Any help is appreciated.
  3. hello. it was happening on all programs, including notepad.exe I've fixed it. Since google wasn't returning any results i tried to disable everything on autorun. I think it was intel graphics. since i disabled a lot of programs on startup i could't found the specific program that causes this. Anyway. It's solved now. Thank you.
  4. hello. I noticed that moving the cursur arround with arrowkeys have a huge delay. for example, i continually press "a" key and i get,without delays "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". but it on that text I pres right arrow key for example the cursor moves slow and with a huge delay. even if i release the key the cursor continues moving. so i downloaded process explorer and i noticed that csrss.exe gets a high cpu load (20~35%) when this happening. But only with arrow keys, not with any other key. Since this keys are very usefull I want to fix this. I already googled a lot but withou any success. This windows xp sp3 with all updates was installed yesterday. Any ideas?
  5. just wondering. why install SP1 and not SP2 directly? Edit: nevermind. SP2 needs SP1
  6. Hello everyone. I've installed two Windows Live Messenger (14.0.8050.1202) on two completely different computers. I've patched both of them with apatch for WLM Wave 3. Patch went fine on both computers. Computer 1 is suffering with a strange case of missing messages. That person writes and the content is often never delivered to the other side. So, I copied msnmsgr.exe from computer 2 to computer 2. The problem continues. How can I solve this? Any idea?
  7. luminoso

    SP1 final topic

    So.. SP1 Final it's here. 1)Splitstream is out of question What are the other options? I heard something about a update folder (update on-demand while installing?). Anyone knows anything?
  8. Hi! I am using windows xp pro SP2, with all windows updates made. I also use Kaspersky as antivirus and sygate as firewall. Everything was working fine until i decided to apply Safexp (http://www.theorica.net/safexp.htm) on my computer. I selected a lot of options to increase my computer security and privacy. A lot of options worked fine and i also noticed a lot of speed improvements. But.. I am a massive user of fast user switching utility of windows XP. It stoped working. 1)I lost windows key+L function(it started to block my computer insted going to welcome screen) 2)On Task manager(control+alt+delete) on tab "process" there is no respective user to process, it is blank (only inactive process have "system"), on tab "users" no user is logged in. So, i decided to look arround and i checked that "use fast user switching" was disabled on Control panel. I try to enable it but it doesn't worked. I applyed "Secure Desktop undo" and "Restore Fast User Switching" of http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm i a got back my windows key+L function, welcome screen back and teh option of control painel checked. I was happy until that when i try to have 2 (or more) users logged on at same time Welcome Screen loops when trying to log on. I can only have a user at once. I already contacted Safexp forum and technical support, but no answers. Please, i really need help and (re)format is out of question. Any help is welcome. Thanks for all and sorry bad english. Guilherme
  9. hi.... someday, i saw a screenshot of an unattended windows with menu where u can chose wich applications to install, with a super intuitive interface( bottons and flags)... where is that now? no topic about it... thanks for all, luminoso (i dont know wich keyworks use to search this... sorry)
  10. so, how can i be notified when new version avaiable? by email for exemple...
  11. i do not understand... i am using v scan engine and liveupdate says that is all uo to date!! why??
  12. ohh no!! now it bluescreens at startup!!! =((((
  13. but... when you do a xp repair with your microsoft windows xp cd it don't lose all settings??
  14. Hi... I am having an extreme big problem on my computer.. Somehow, after i start my windows xp corp sp2 pro, i try to click on a user, to start working with windows. After that like usual it shows ''loading of definitions..''* and right after that it shows ''saving you settings''* and ''logging out''*! I can't even work with windows because it doesn't load! I have no idea what is causing this.. i use kaspersky pro 5.0.20 and sygate has firewall! I already tried logging in in safe mode, but same thing appends again! I also tried to scan for viruses in other computer, a W32.Funner was found (funny.exe transmitted by msn messenger) and completely removed (i think...). Please.. i am looking for any help! I can't imagine format my computer again! I have no way no make any backups! Please.. anything... Thanks for anything, Guilherme

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