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  1. special.reg the continued need for ActiveX Killbits(kb956391)in hfsvcpack folder? thanks
  2. I think again the file is corrupted by my damned occache.dll visual changes .. proof to replace this file by the rise of such Update thaks
  3. I have worked with the new updates released in December and all are integrated well, but the new rollup I.E7 KB958215 does not work .. I have also tried to do in t-13 (svcpack) and neither works ... any ideas?
  4. I feel very wrong .... having effectively with the current muweb_site.cab and muauth.cab generated after update activex everything works perfect in a clean installation without change ... my error was generated by the modified files of sitem32... I apologize again......... thanks
  5. muweb_site.cab is new version (7,2,6001,788) and muauth.cab is the resulting after update the ActiveX control in the first inning on Windows Update (SoftwareDistribution folder in Windows folder).... but even so still asking me to install activex in the first inning to windows update. thanks log.rar
  6. any solution to integrate the latter to hfslip? ... I've tried and redirected Wind and Microsoft Update to install the activex... I have also copied the new muauth.cab created when you install the activex to the folder hfcabs but it does not work .. thanks
  7. please tomcat back soon
  8. hopefully soon the arrival of all of you .. many of us hope anxious ..... greetings willy
  9. possible latest version in Spanish?
  10. I have worked these updates under hfslip 1.7.8 and if integrated correctly sorry my english
  11. Hi, how do I get the wbemoc.cab? http://users.telenet.be/tc76/winup/_winxpsp3.html down
  12. I go back to work again with latest version of silverlight (1.0.30401.0)and everything is correct, although I still have the bug sound start and closing sesion (the others if they work) .. everything else works .. no right to install a hotfix in W.U. Bye I would like to know if someone else happens this very small problem
  13. TC ok .. anyway integrates well ...today new Update for silverligth ... I have not even worked with her I have a small flaw in the last work ... always apply in installation vistasound pack and always work but also the sound of starting and closing session does not work ... I try to activate it manually and continues throughout Like What? ? .- original windows also have the same problem ... is something strange
  14. Well, I narrow it down to 3 possibilities. 1. One of the updates broken OE. 2. HFSlip broke OE. 3. Corrupt source files. Right now, I cannot solve 2, so I am reslipstreaming from a virgin source of XP, with SP3 first, then HFSlip without IE7, and see if this solve the error. Then again with IE7 to see if the error will crop out. returns to download all the files and works with a clean source ... I can assure you that integrates all inclusive i.e7 and wmp11 and all hotfixs.- WGA also works fine and others. cabs. I include in my work silverligth and upclean although not sure if it is necessary upclean... silverligth is necessary for the additional tool in hftool (HFSLIP_PRE_Silverlight10.CMD)... do not forget the new cabs wbemoc.cab because without this the integration, i.e7 and wmp11 is corrupted......bye
  15. I have not had any problems with this latest list .... everything is perfect integrates even after using nlite
  16. Latest work done under the hotfixs and .cabs new link .- NO error reporting .. everything is integrity well, W.U not asking WGA validations, and no hotfix for download, after HFSLIP also works nlite and with completely good (removed many files and changes in os.patch uxtheme and sfc.dll... very good work TOM, followed "seeing" Here .- thank you very much and goodbye..... willy
  17. first test with hfslip1.7.6rc9+nlite: the integration of hfslip and cleaning works nlite later with a perfect ecepcion of a small ruling, the icon i.e7 outlook and do not appear in the Start menu, but if on the desktop(i.e7) possibly by the configuration nlite.- ..in the first inning to WU called for checking windows, even if there legicheckcontrolen hfcabs.-I have built with a script that AutoIt in the first start patched WGA and OGA and I no longer have this problem ... everything else works very well including updates i.e7 greetings and thanks will
  18. Hello Tom ... just read this news is great .. I knew that you provide solutions to this problem .. Now I do not have much time to be a day tomorrow but what testing .- be completed soon the final version? thanks .....will
  19. I have already NEWBIN.TXT in NLITE on earlier work is equally ....... And it is certain that corrupts any NLITE Archives of the process carried out by HFSLIP .... only sends you by this if you may valid in some corrections .. but it is obvious that if you are not desarrollo de NLITE do not know your process ..... anyway Therein lies The contribution can .. which serves sometime ... Thanks again
  20. thank you very much ... I'm sorry I did not see the post earlier OPUC4.CAB and OGAControl.cab should also integrate ?..... or others. cabs in HFCABS folder?
  21. Only reduces WIN XP SP3 and optimization .... NOT integrate any hotfixes,any Drive, any AddOns .. why not manufactured NLITE svcpak folder..after hfslip warns that the source patched but this process and continue to perfect all of ecepcion WGA checking tool .... but this is normal because it is new ... still no legitchekcontrol.cab again? thanks and greetings from spain and willydejoe

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