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  1. Not only REDCEY optimization Nader integrity
  2. EUREKA: although this is not what I have recommended the following: 1 º- he reduced and optimized SP3 original windows with nlite 1.4.5 beta2 2 º- I have worked with hfslip1.7.6rc7 (note warns that he is already patched, but continued to work) --- result everything works very well ecepcion windows genuine validation tools this has been provided in machine (virtual pc 2007) ..............rc final hfslip later with a machine mother (Includes latest updates for IE7 KB947864 (HF folder)replacing KB944533 and works well) sorry my english...thanks
  3. works well for a ecepcion but when I go into Windows Update asks me validate my copy (kb892130) I include in my work WindowsXP-KB905474-ENG-x86_81bc16dc4f8487e20287184f085203dbfc2a6a94.exe (HF) and LegitCheckControl.cab (HFCABS) if I can somehow remove everything that I do not need to hfslip ..... I do not work with nlite ..... but not that way Tom thanks for any inconvenience Needy'S TIP to remove VALUEADD folder as CMPNENTS SUPPORT DOCS LANG COMPDATA WIN9XMIG WIN9XMIG WINNTUPG And have support for WMP11 E IE7 ...... There are many things MORE THAN USE But if you eliminate these .. lighten megabit
  4. He still had the same mistake (equals setuperr.log) ..... IN ON MY addon I have HFAAO : STPD Klite Mega codecpack ... This influences? T-23 (copying files) the progress bar stops before arriving at the half and jump to the next process (installing Start menu items) the version nlite is 1.4.5beta2
  5. I worked with hfslip-1.7.6rc5 I will test this new version
  6. I leave you here so I ask says that these files are setuperr.log in .iso image.........i revised report_of_the_installation_with_hfslip_and_then_nlite.txt
  7. Here you have it and thank you very much another question: when I go for the first time in microsoft update is asking for the checking of windows (which I installed without reducing with nlite, only worked under hfslip) By comparing the first trial of txtsetup with hfslip with which leaves nlite observers that at the end of everything [sourceDisksFiles] where are all the arrangements hfslip ... nlite had been eaten document.7z document__by_hfslip_.7z
  8. yes whenever I do well in older versions of SP3 and works perfectly with SP3 .... now that it is never corrupted i.e7 and wmp11 ... are there in program files but incomplete attempt and whether you to go back to install them after not let me
  9. Integrated WMP11 (hf) I.E7 (hf) KB890830-V1.40.exe (hf) Windows-KB890830-V1.40.exe (hf) WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe (hf) IE7-WindowsXP-KB944533-x86-ENU.exe (hf) IE7-WindowsXP-KB938127-x86-ENU.exe (hf) WindowsXP - KB941569-x86-ENU.exe (hf) WindowsXP-KB905474-ESP-x86_81bc16dc4f8487e20287184f085203dbfc2a6a94.exe(hf) LegitCheckControl.cab(hfcabs) MUAuth.cab(hfcabs) MUWEB_SITE.CAB(hfcabs) SWFLASH.CAB(hfcabs) UPHClean-Setup.msi(HFSVCPACK_SW1) Silverlight.exe(_EXTERNAL).......... then use nlite to reduce the operating system for copying files newbin.txt not be damaged by nlite .. the installation is good but when you start has been corrupted i.e7 and wmp11 ... but I use nlite the installation is ok .- any comment about it?
  10. My this log in the previous post I have tried(meant) it on a copy of xp sp2 ... not if this is important
  11. Thank you very much .... try with the version 1.7.4 but I could not integrate(repay) it .. sure problem for my part I HAVE TRIED TO INTEGRATE ONLY THE SP3 IN WINDOWS SP2 WITHOUT ANYTHING MORE AND IT(HE,SHE) DOES NOT INTEGRATE... IT BECAUSE? THE SERVICE PACK 3 THIS ONE IN THE FOLDER HF... IS IT(HE) CORRECT? THIS ONE IS MY LOG. RESULTANT HFSLIP.rar HFSLIP.rar
  12. willydejoe1234


    for when hfslip for sp3 xp? i sit (feel) my englishman
  13. in spanish lange? please...thanks you

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