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  1. hi, i'm currently trying to make a multiboot DVD that has both Vista and VistaPE, i've done the same thing with XP did a bootable DVD containing XP live-cd and XP. Both VistaPE and Vista have the same folders so i can't put them in the same DVD, is there a way to have to bootmanagers, one for vista and another for vistape?? i have found a way to make vista bootmgr to boot vistape and vista, but i would like each one to have its own bootmgr. Also i'm using easyboot to create this dvd. thx for the help
  2. thanks you very much for the sysprep solution, finally i can install software during audit. but i still have one more thing to fix. Before logon the "enter key" message shows up, i tried putting in the second xml file but no luck. I don't want to skipuserOOBE since i want the user to put in his username, password, and computer name here my xml files: Autounattend.xml Unattend.xml
  3. i wanted to know if there was a way and there isn't thx Arie
  4. i was just wondering if i can hide the setup files of my unattended xp cd. i tried using ultraiso but when windows setup starts it doesn't read the files. is there a way that i can make the setup files hidden while making windows setup read them? thx
  5. i'm trying to install nero 8 on unattended vista but the problem is that it asks for a reboot (e.g windows update) and i use WPI to install nero but after the reboot WPI doesn't run. is there a way to install nero 8 without having to reboot?? i've tried all solutions mentioned above, they work on XP but i want to work on VISTA
  6. i found a solution i used this in my xml in audit <RunSynchronous> <RunSynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <Order>3</Order> <Path>cmd /c %AppsRoot%\Install\SPTD\SPTD1.53 add /q</Path> <WillReboot>Always</WillReboot> </RunSynchronousCommand> <RunSynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <Order>60</Order> <Path>%WINDIR%\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /quiet /oobe /reboot</Path> </RunSynchronousCommand> </RunSynchronous> it restarts after installation, however it restarts about 5 times before WPI shows up and begins installing my programs
  7. thx for the help sp00f installing SPTD using setupcomplete.cmd works, but it needs a restart to finish completely so i can install daemon tools. i want it to be installed during windows setup not after setup finishes, or find a way to make WPI work after a reboot. also i'm trieding to delete the temp folder using this command DEL %TEMP% but it requires y/n answer tried /S /Q but it doesn't work
  8. I keep getting this error message after i do a reboot. see pic i want to install daemon tools and for that i need to install SPTD. i install SPTD using this command Start /wait %cdrom%\WPI\SPTD1.53.exe add /q in setupcomplete.cmd then WPI launches and restarts when it reaches daemon after the reboot WPI gives me this error message and when i click on the OK button WPI closes thx for the help
  9. i'm almost finished doing an unattedend vista but i have a few problems. 1. can i install SPTD during setup, like in windows xp at 13 minutes it runs cmdlines file in OEM folder? if i installed it during wpi i need to restart and when i do that wpi doesn't start after reboot. 2. how can i delete shorcuts from the desktop and clean the temp folder in a batch file? DEL "%AllUsersProfile%\Desktop\*.lnk" DEL "%UserProfile%\Desktop\*.lnk" after running the commands above there are still shortcuts remaning locating in c:\user\public\desktop what should i type to remove these shortcuts? thx for the help
  10. does this problem occur when installing a custom install not a full installation?? i used the argumen setup.exe /config custom-uA.XML i only install word, excel, and powerpoint
  11. i recently found out that i can't make a multisession dvd image or copy it when i do only the first session shows up. i use nero 7 to make multisession dvd's i tried alcohol 120% and dvd decryter with the same results they copy the whole dvd but when i mount it or copy it to a dvd the first session is shown. i also tried ultraiso to make an image but the problem still shows up, if i open the dvd i can see all the session. the only way i can copy a multisession dvd is to open the dvd and copy paste the files and folders. i'm using windows vista but i don't think it matters what windows i use i want to know if there a software that can create an image from a multisession dvd???? thx for the help
  12. i tried that but still the turn off display goes back to 20 minutes any ideas?
  13. i have this wierd problem in the turn off display. everytime i change it from 20 minutes to never it changes but then when i do a restart or a shutdown it goes back to 20 minutes. is there a way to edit this in the registry to that it stays on never thx
  14. thx for the fast reply boooggy. i checked out the registery and the updates were there, but i have a couple of questions 1. where can i find a theme for XP that is like the VISTA RTM i now there is one but i can't find it? 2. what can i remove from the components menu in nlite i tried searching this forum but nothing helped? 3. is there something that i can do to reduce the time windows XP need to install? thx

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