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  1. Thanks for the guide - I have a quick question: I'm trying to create a multiboot DVD that only boots various floppy disks that I have (in .img and .ima format) and don't want any OS's on there). I've followed most of the guide but when I do a test I get the 'NTLDR is Missing' error. Any ideas on what would need to be changed since I don't have any XP or other OS stuff in my CD folder? Thanks in advance NVM - i fixed it - was using a boot image that came with CDImage instead of the one the came with CDShell
  2. Just read Page 1 of this. Let me know if you need a Windows-Autorun program to launch the different versions of setup, etc. I could make something simple in VB .Net if desired.
  3. Nice job with making the guide more shorter and concise. Any plans on adding Vista to it? I do have a AIO-DVD project on my HDD taking up space which partially works, I currently just use if for th e UBCD at the moment - will have to update it soon. In case anyone hasn't seen the old guide with more info - I would've attached it here but it exceeds 200kb - about 407kb. I'll chuck it on my site for the meantime - although I had nothing to do with it's creation - all credit goes to flyakite, etc. http://ryzza007.googlepages.com/Multi-BootDVD.pdf
  4. Thanks for linking to my app mate. Check back to the site to make sure you have the latest version.
  5. I also have this problem - it hink it might be a Vista thing. I don't have any floppy drives installed in my PC - the mobo is an Asrock 4Core DUAL VSTA This becomes a problem when I try to get one of my Virtual PC's to boot from a USB Floppy drive - this shows up in Vista as B: and not A:
  6. I'm looking for a good graphics card for a new system that will last a few years and play new 3D games at high video settings between $100-$300 (AUS) (i might consider just over 300) The guys at experts-exchange have recommended the ATI X1950 Pro and nVidia 8600 series. There are so many types of these cards around and want to know which ones are the best. Here's a link that gives some good info on what's available to me: http://www.centrecom.com.au/catalog/defaul...80bf67d541f43ba Thanks guys
  7. Thanks - I'll look into it. The main thing is that the sector's boot to a prompt and give me the A:\> Normally I'd goto D:\Win98 and run setup but of course D:\ doesn't work, nor can I find/read the contents of the AIODVD root. After setting up a FAT32 partition it seems that the WinME disk works ok. I was also surprised to see that Win95 boots to a prompt - I didn't think it was bootable. Apart from Win98, I'm having problems booting Windows FLP and Acronis TrueImage. Then after that I'll be looking at Vista 32bit.
  8. What's the best way to create a menu for Win98se? I've extracted the .ima file using WinImage and can open config.sys in notepad - do you have anything I can enter that will boot exactly the same as if I had the real cd-rom ie [menu] 1. Start Windows 98se Setup 2. Command prompt with CD-ROM support 2. Command prompt without CD-ROM support
  9. I saw Chon's guide and didn't get it completely - not sure if following it will save me any space (+ I already have all versions on one 8gb disk) I finally have a semi-working aio dvd with 98se, ME, and XP on it (iso file + vir pc) Unfortunately - running the disks doesn't work. Booting 98se, I don't get to choose to boot to a prompt - it just starts setup in OEM (text) mode. It then asks me to insert the CD: I also get an error booting from ME. Something to do with the HDD's not having FAT (all HDD's are un-partitioned and not formatted - virtual pc default) - do you know how I can get this w
  10. Do you have a link to Chon's method - thanks. I have G:\sources\x86\sources\install.wim (4gig) and G:\sources\x64\sources\install.wim (4gig) One thing that I've noticed about my Vista DVD is that: A) It is in UDF format B) "D:\" Properties reports that it's 4.37 gig C) Copying everything over to my HDD reports that it's 8.5 gig D) My LG Super Multi DVD burner can read the disk E) A normal DVD reader (CD-RW combo) drive cannot read the disk (either because it can't read what apparently is a DL disk or because it doesn't have packet-writer software installed???) I Will start this AIO-DVD project
  11. I'll give it a go over the weekend and maybe this afternoon. I'll let you know what happens.
  12. Thanks. What about your script not working? I used it exactly the way you posted it and when booting the it says straight away 'cls not found' (or something like that)
  13. so are you saying i should set the other .bin file back to /boot? I made the change due to what's outlined in the guide
  14. Using your script EXACTLY the way you posted it - I get the same "cls command not found" error what file contains the commands used in the script?
  15. Back home now: Booted the iso file in virtual pc and the error is CDBOOT: Couldn't find NTLDR I'm going to play around with it again a bit more, but if you've got a walkthrough for the gui that'd be great.
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