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  1. What i want to say is that the system is loading all the drivers and the other stuff after is booting from cd, and in this proccess the iastor.sys is copyed also, but when windows is staring up it can't find any hard drive, sometimes the raid is show but without any partition 'the hard drive could not be loaded' or something similar. I thinking to give up.I have read a tone of information on this forum and on google but somehow i can get this to work I'm a web developer and i have wasted to much time on this. Thank you for your help. If you know any tutorial or post please tell me.Thanks again:).
  2. Hy there. I'm using an ich6r raid controler with a asus motherboard 'p5gdcpro'. I can't install windowsXP on my system. I have integrated all the drivers with nLite.When the system boots from the cd it copys the iastor.sys and evreything seams ok.After all the files are copyed and the system is searching for the hard drives it can't find any and sometimes it findes my hard disk's(tow hard disk on a raid 0 configuration) but it has 0 MB. Please help me. I have allready wasted 10 cd's with my test but i cat get any positive results. Thank you.

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