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  1. hey guys On the network we run here at school we've been able to deny the kids from downloading *.exe files such as games, msn messenger (boy do they hate us for that!) but theres seemingly nothing that we can do to stop them from simply running the files as opposed to downloading them... monstrous headache, so we just deny all networks access to the internet, if they need the net, we allow access for one lesson only, even then we monitor the usage using 'Securus' .... fab piece of kit! Up until now, we havnt found a way to stop them running .exe files, we take a most defensive attitude Sorry i cant help more! jonno
  2. hey mate, im an ict technician at a school, also using active directory etc... sounds the same as your setup. i'd recommend googleing "anonymous proxy" or something to that effect... allows you to type in the URL of a website and it'll use their own proxy server so your school cant block it .might not be the best idea to get caught... all hell breaks loose over here when we find out kids use them! cheers, jonny
  3. I take that on board, if/ when i overclock my processor, i shall test it with prime95 and i wont complain if it BSODs. Thanks Cluberti... i'll do a memory dump tonight when i get in, and send you it tomorrow, I'll also list my hardware tomorrow when i FINALLY escape the office!! thanks again guys, awesome responses!! jonny
  4. hey guys I've got a 2year old evesham axis machine running XP (not too well) and im just wondeing how to go about finding out information about it. for example, type of power supply, specific types of ram etc, as want to start upgrading it so its not such an arse cheers guys
  5. It does. The RAM limit is 4GB, not 2GB. whoopski... my bad! appologies
  6. MS are saying that IE7 is only compatible with XP and Vista... yet they've got it as a 'high-priority update' on their windows update site... the clever/ dumb balance is restored!!
  7. thanks guys, will make sure i follow all the advice!! Ill keep you posted as to how its going.. and if i get blue-screened!
  8. i've had this problem a few times myself I've found that connecting the router to the computer thats not working, via a cat5 cable, then restarting the router, leave it connected for a wee bit, then unplug the cat5 and try connect wirelessly... for some unknown reason that worked for me
  9. hey gang when im happily working away on my pc (doesnt happen too often) my computer will cut out and reboot for no reason, it doesnt shut itself down properly, it just cuts out and reboots, rather annoying! i've checked my hard drive using 'seatools' and i've checked all the power connections but i cant find a solution, anyone got any ideas? Cheers, jonny
  10. thats a bit crazy, why doesnt XP allow more than 2gb ram?
  11. hey man know this might be a bit late, but if re-installing windows didnt work, check the power connections to your hard drive, or run some diagnostic software on your harddrive... we get this problem a lot in the school i work at! jon
  12. Since this post was aimed at newbies... here i am just to clarify... installing version 1.1 and 3. is enough, 2 isnt required... so placing these switches in my runonceex.cmd file is the way to go? Jon
  13. hey guys im trying to use a switchless installers to install .netframework1.1, when i follow the guide posted in one of the forums about switchless installers my applications folder looks like this " 7zs.sfx (as per guide), config.txt (also as per guide), dotnetfx.7z(archive file) and the dotnetfx.exe file" Now, when i run my unattended windows setup, will the .netframework be installed automatically, or is there something that i'm missing here? Im sorry if this proves to be a very silly/ easy question! Jonny
  14. OMG Monkey Island!! What a game that was/ still is! Ah, guybrush... the worst "pirate" in the world, all he wanted was to get into the governers pants!
  15. Hello everyone, Sorry, but I had to make my first post a completely useless one . I've just started my year in industry in a school in washington, sunderland, england... fun fun fun, but again its all money My first project is to make an unnattended CD/DVD, so i shall be bombarding the forums to ask for help when it all goes tits-up! Nice to meet you all Jon (tech_boy)

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