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  1. Glad you found the download for Mepis lite. Alot don't know of it and most assume it's not fast as Damm small or the others but it's as fast and with more. they are going to update it as i suggested in the forums. A OS that will run in older computers is very much needed. Mepis lite will make alot of people happy. So will Dream linux for everything else. Happy Holidays Everyone! Trailboss
  2. Dreamlinux is not for older or the lesser of at least a p3, but for that you should use Mepis lite, i'm sure your laptop will work just fine with it. I purchased most from a site that sell and ships for 99 cents each and free shipping if over 10 cd's, they print the OS on it, not a label, real professional, good cd's. I wanted to test different versions, Slak,BSD, Debian and other, so i just ordered. Thanks everyone for testing Dreamlinux and replying Trailboss
  3. Well Windows is the top dog, and the only reason their still the top dog is because none of the made for windows apps will work in linux. I read someone state, why everyone always say linux is better but never gives any reason. Well, for what linux has to do, to make their OS better is amazing. I used windows all my computer using life, until this year. Yes linux is free. And yes they can do everything windows do (but) run made for windows apps. Thats it!!! Linux is not bloaded, or a ram hog and just wait when vista is released, you might as well throw your computer away, as it will most likely not be fast enough. Linux is more secure, i'd bet you this server is using BSD or apache as it's server. Sure linux is not as user friendly as windows, but it's getting there, and if anyone nowdays aren't computer savvey enough to run linux, than they need to stick with windows, as linux is not hard. I'm no Bill Gates and this is my very first year using linux and i'll never use windows again. Now the question of the posting was (why continue to use win98) and I replied just like all others. I'm not bashing 98, it's a fact 98 is dead! Programmers are using their time on something they can't even write in the code, so they have to stack, wrap, glue and hammer on it, to get things working. You say free is not a issue, Everyone alive and dead has a copy of 98 or can get one, if they got a shovel and dig one up. So everyone still want to use 98 because they have it. Your telling me to keep driving a 1998 windows model caddie when I can have a 2006 linux model for free. The Difference? Take your fine set of 3 ,4 or 5 way satellite speakers and put them in a box and plug in your old 2 speakers that came with your windows 1998 caddie and have a listen, thats the difference! I won't reply to this as I agree, it's the same-o same-o thanks everyone for reading and replying to this post even tho I did not start it,,,,,it was good reading Trailboss
  4. he might not be. He can get all the Ubuntu cd's he wants for free and delivered to his door. I tried all Ubuntu updates and the 6.10 version and Kubuntu and Xubuntu and it's same-o same-o,,, junk! Everyone is on the Ubuntu bandwagon and so was I, until I figured this could no way be the best linux at the time, so I tested 40 other linux versions. Mepis lite was my first linux OS that I can say was great and worked in everyway, It is a older release and it still kicks butt!!! They are about to update it., as I suggested it, in their forum. If it's a OS you need for a laptop or a older computer Mepis lite is way the best. Now if you want something newer and different and looks great, but can find all your hardware and run smoothly, you want Dreamlinux, I'm on it right now. Ubuntu had to get help from the makers of Mepis, so why take Ubuntu, they can't even compile a OS and they got money backing them, Mepis just have a super great programmer which is the owner. I got maybe 15 cd's still of Ubuntu/Kubuntu and I won't hand them to friends, anymore as i'll recommend Dreamlinux to anyone looking for a cutting edge, top of the line linux OS. hbinded will just have to do as I did, try a few different versions and choose what he or she thinks is the best for them, and end the end. Mepis lite for laptops or older computers and Dreamlinux for everything else, will be the front runners. I made a new topic On Dream linux and i would like to hear feedback if anyone tests Dreamlinux. Trailboss
  5. hi all, I just want to make sure that everyone in this forum try Dream linux. It is very new and it's better than most linux versions today. Yes I have tried Ubuntu and about 40 other linux versions and Dream linux is already a top performer and I believe it's just in it's 2nd release. I'm on it right now using a dialup internet connection, yeppers, most linux OS versions don't have support for dialup internet. Anyway you just have to see it to believe it, and it looks great and they use all the latest and greatest of whats available. It's fast too. I just started using a linux OS this year and man was I missing out. Please do reply and let me know what you think about this new linux OS? thanks for reading Trailboss
  6. If you want small, Which for a laptop or older computer? get Mepis lite,,,,, it's da bomb. Ubuntu is crap and everyone thinks it's the best. Dream linux is new and it is already better than Ubuntu right out the box! try for yourself. Trailboss
  7. Dream linux is the best i have found. I just started using linux this year and Mepis lite was the first I liked and still do. I tesed over 40 different versions, but Dream linux is new and it's great. I expect it to reach the top of the heap, once users hear about it and try it. And yes I have tried Ubuntu even the 6.10 version, Dream linux already has it beat and Dream linux is new. thanks Trailboss
  8. Hi all, This is my first post and I see this topic has some up before, but not for me. I understand why any person would not want to use XP or Microsoft in general. I have used Windows 4-ever and I do look for something better, and Microsoft is hard to beat. 98 was fast and a solid OS. I think it should have been supported more or upgraded or something and not just left for dead, which some are trying to breath new life into it. Even with Revolutions 98 pack and all the other changes made from private parties, it is growing bloated. Now I understand everyone has a copy, just sitting there, so they think it makes since to use it. Me personally, I have been testing linux and their are tons of crappy versions of linux and there are some very nice ones. I started testing this year and Mepis lite was a good OS and it is fast.( You got a laptop or older computer? put Mepis lite on it and your set) and it can do anything windows can execpt run windows apps(lol) but some are trying to port that, some are even aiming to run all made for windows apps, like ReactOS, which I have seen posted chat about ReactOS in this forum. I now test Dreamlinux, it's very new and it is fast as well. It's sometimes hard to change or let go of something you liked or something you think you can salavge, but 98 is dead. No matter what you do to keep it alive, it will never be the King it once was. Linux has passed it and win2000 and XP and is just a step or 2 behind Vista. The only thing that Microsoft has to it's advantage is all the apps and programs made for it and not linux. I guess everyone would have to try linux to know what i'm saying, like I said before, I always have used Windows, but this year I figured it was time to give linux a try before Vista was released and see what I was missing. I found out I was missing alot, as linux is the future and it's free and linux has tons of support with regular updates. I am not gonna tell you that Dreamlinx, (the version i'm testing now) is the best OS today, you have to make that decision yourself, but I can tell you, it will soon be. It's that good! So just let 98 (rest in peace) as it should and move on to the next best OS of the future, which is Linux! thanks for reading Trailboss

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