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  1. Alienware Teleport by The Skins Factory

    Just In... Alienware has told me that the entire suite will be released to the public in 3-4 weeks - for free! Stay tuned. Covers: WindowBlinds and a 77 custom icon suite
  2. Requirements: Windows XP and Windows Media Player 9 Series or higher. Alienware Corporation and The Skins Factory, Inc. Present: The release of the flagship Alienware Windows Media Player 9 Series Skin, Alienware Teleport. Part of an entire desktop skin suite called AlienGraft. The full suite will come pre-installed at no additional cost on all new Alienware systems. To “disengage” the sound effects: Open up Equalizer and click the “wavelength” icon. Links: The Skins Factory Alienware Homepage DOWNLOAD: Alienware Teleport Windows Media Player 9 Series Skin
  3. Painted those hip and groovy Mystery Machine colors, the official Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed Windows Media Player 9 Series skin is now available for all those future junior Mystery Inc. detectives. Features multiple character display screen backgrounds, tons of exciting movie stills and much more! So don’t wait for the monsters to come to your town, download the exclusive Windows Media Player 9 Series skin today! Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed hits theaters March 26. Scooby snacks not included. DOWNLOAD: Scooby-Dooby Doo 2 for Windows Media Player 9 Series You must have Windows XP and Windows Media Player 9 Series for this to work properly.
  4. Skinning Sites

    We create Windows Media Player Skins. Maybe you could add us in?
  5. Turn your Xbox into a Karaoke machine? You betcha!! Now your little sister can be just like Britney Spears (cough cough), your mom can sing amazingly like Barbara Streisand and your dad can croon the songs that made Sinatra famous right in your very own living room. Hey you can even hold a sold-out show in your bedroom if you want. Now how cool is that?? But when your family isn’t busy peeling the paint off the walls or causing your pets to hide under the bed, you can sneak off and watch your favorites videos or listen to your favorite songs with the Xbox Music Mixer Windows Media Player 9 Series skin. But please don’t try singing into the skin’s microphone… you’ll just get drool on your monitor. DOWNLOAD: Xbox Music Mixer Skin for Windows Media Player 9 Series
  6. xXx by The Skins Factory

    Created for Revolution Studios/Columbia Pictures/Windows Media Division. Vin Diesel stars as "xXx", the notorious underground thrill seeker who until now has been untouchable by the law. NSA Agent Gibbons forces xXx to cooperate with the government to avoid prison. "xXx" needs to succeed where all other conventional spies have failed. Note: You MUST have Windows XP to run this version of the skin. DOWNLOAD: xXx for Windows Media Player
  7. Xbox by The Skins Factory

    The Skins Factory was contracted by Microsoft’s Windows Media and Xbox divisions to create the Official Xbox Skin for Windows Media Player. Inspired by the look and feel of the Xbox game console, the Official Xbox skin has its own style but stays true to the branding elements of its “real world” counterpart. NOTE: This version is exclusively for users with Windows XP. We have optimized the skin utilizing Alpha Transparencies. It may crash non-Windows XP user systems. DOWNLOAD: Xbox For Windows Media Player
  8. Terminator 3 by The Skins Factory

    From The Skins Factory, Windows Media, Warner Bros. Pictures and C-2 Pictures comes the Official Terminator 3 Windows Media Player 9 Series skin…. The Skynet Media Player. About the Skin: One of The Skins Factory most comprehensive Windows Media Player 9 Series to date, The Skynet Media Player features a sound-enhanced, Intro animation and includes the following Special Features: Multiple Sound Enhancements, retractable Shutter over the display area, Terminator 3 iMode which includes film synopsis, film stills and other T3 content, an enhanced Equalizer system, resizable Video, Visualization and Playlist windows and a fully feature-enriched, micro-main mode when you need to conserve a little more desktop space. All Images: TM and © 2003 C2 and its related entities. All rights reserved. Private use only. Sale, duplication, or other transfer of this material is strictly prohibited. DOWNLOAD: The Official Terminator 3 Skin for Windows Media Player 9 Series
  9. Xbox Live : Remix REQUIREMENTS: WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 9 SERIES The super-swank, hyper-enhanced skin for Windows Media Player 9 Series and Windows XP users. Sound boosted, dynamically animated and more features than you can shake a controller at, Live : Remix will make your music sound clearer and your video look sexier. A remix of our Official Xbox Windows Media Player skin, Xbox Live : Remix features: 1. Sound-enhanced intro animation 2. Full sound effects on all buttons and shutter 3. Advanced Equalizer w/audio enhancements which includes crossfade, sound effects toggle (turn skin’s sound on/off) and an SRS WOW effects control panel 4. Custom playback animation on main display or optional resizable visualization window 5. Xbox Link Window 6. Playlist: resizable and resortable 7. Video Window with movable video control enhancement remote DOWNLOAD: Xbox Live : Remix for Windows Media Player 9 Series
  10. The Official Windows Media Player 9 Series skin for the upcoming blockbuster Tom Cruise film - The Last Samurai. From the forges deep within The Skins Factory comes a skin fit for a Shogun - but made for a Samurai. Meticulously detailed, The Last Samurai WMP 9 Series skin displays the depth of passion we harness as we constantly strive to outdo what’s come before. Witness the pounding of Taiko drums as an animated samurai practices his art. Launch the iMode and witness exciting movie trailers, film photography, learn about the story and even visit some amazing websites. We’ve added a separate Meta data (media information) remote window which can be turned on or off by clicking the button located underneath the left Progress/Seek slider. We even added a special (semi-hidden) button to change the look and feel of the playlist, visualization and video window frames. Does the intro music interfere with your music or video? Simply open the Equalizer and click the left side bottom button to turn off or back on the introduction Taiko music. DOWNLOAD: The Last Samurai Skin for Windows Media Player 9 Series You must have Windows XP and Windows Media Player 9 Series for this to work properly.
  11. MechAssault by The Skins Factory

    The Skins Factory was contracted by Xbox to turn Windows Media Player into a 31st Century Mech. One of our most comprehensive and exciting animations to date. You'll feel like you're ready to do some sonic damage as this skin rolls into action. DOWNLOAD: MechAssault for Windows Media Player
  12. Contracted by Kenwood USA to bring to the desktop their remarkable car stereo component. Kenwood gave us some really cool animations to use that we included in the skin. Just click the Next button during a song (that’s the bottom arrow pointing right under the vis icon) and you will see them first. Originally rereleased some time ago - now here at <<spam>>. DOWNLOAD: Kenwood KDC-X959 for Windows Media Player
  13. Requirements: Windows XP, Windows Media Player 9 Series Now available: an exclusive preview of one of the brand new Windows Media Player 9 Series skins shipping with Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition. The Bionic Dot preview with its easy to use and fun style, contains 4 distinct and vibrant colors to choose from with a click of the mouse. The full release of The Bionic Dot (only found in Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition) contains many more colors and variants to choose from. DOWNLOAD: The Bionic Dot WMP 9 Series Skin
  14. Crimson Skies by The Skins Factory

    The latest in animated fighter-jock cockpit gear, The Official Crimson Skies skin for Windows Media Player 9 Series and Windows XP roars onto desktops worldwide. Includes: - Animated flight altimeter - so you don’t get lost as you navigate your desktop and media files - Gauges for volume control and seek - just grab the needles and drag - Analog sliders for the equalizer and an animated “blast shield” - so your skin doesn’t take any flak damage. - Rotational meta-clock display – click clock to toggle between showing remaining time or elapsed time For a view with the Blast Shield open click here: Image DOWNLOAD HERE: Crimson Skies WMP9 Series Skin Presented by Xbox.com and The Skins Factory, Inc.
  15. Enhanced for Users of Windows Media Player 9 Series and Windows XP Fully revolving shutter/display and a variant color preset so you can invert the skin’s colors. Also contains resizable Playlist, Video and Visualization modes. The informative “iMode” explains the power and functionality of the Windows XP Media Center Edition. Includes Sound events. This version is strictly for XP Users. DOWNLOAD: Windows XP Media Center Edition WMP 9 Series Skin