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  1. you should try to use your win98's image, but of course with diffrent path to "setup.exe" file in "autoexec.bat". just copy Setup98.IMA and open it with winimage. extract autoexec and change path. then save the image as ME.IMA. // sorry for my english
  2. if $lastKey == key[esc]; then boot 0x80 where 0x80 is HDD0 and 0x81 is HDD1. also 0x00 or 0x20 is FDD, but i'm not sure O_o
  3. i had the same problem. i was burning my image on different discs or with different appz but i always get "error booting...". when i was looking for solution to this problem i found that new cdshell like doesn't work on older pc's like aopen, compaq. so i get back to using cdshell and it work properly. another try is to put file that name is alphabetically first on your dvd. I put file called "0" (zero). second condition is that file can't be larger than 400 bytes. content of this file is freely. ps. sorry for my english. ps2. i was using vmware where my iso works properly but after burning it fails. so i don't belive this app any more
  4. it should work, but why don't use win98 diskette? copy the win98 start disk. change it name to win95 and change path from win98 to win95 in autoexec.bat. I used same win98 disk three times for win95, win98 and ME. they work very good.
  5. If you still don't know what's wrong just look at line 5. it says: "show image windows.csi" where did you put your windows.csi file? in this case it should be in BOOT folder. better way is to set path to this file. e.g.: "show image \BOOT\IMG\menu.csi" ps. sorry for my english.
  6. great topic. but where are loaders? i'm just starting and i need some examples to learn more. so if you have something just post it here.
  7. Is there any polish user, who has made this DVD? I need some instuctions and help. Kto ma taka plyte gotowa?
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