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Justin M

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  1. family feud and wheel of fortune deluxe for dos
  2. Star Trek Legacy

    Oh yes I'm not saying don't play the game, as astar trek fan i enjoy the game anyway. But im just p***ed that the pc version is really nothing like what they advertised it as.
  3. look above this post.... closed. Martin L
  4. Star Trek Legacy

    Hi all I'm new and if anyone was interested in buying Star Trek legacy for the PC. I would like to give you a heads up of what to expect when you first play it. - the controls are unchangeable and were quickly fast ported from the xbox 360 version. - the graphics are horrible compared to that of the 360 ver which was the ones advertised. - the story was cut short- meaning a lot of it was taken out. - the multilayer ability is BROKE out of the box - very difficult controls for targeting enemies. and there are MANY more problems, in short until patches are made save your money , OR get the xbox 360 version.
  5. My small site

  6. Is Windows a Virus?

    LOl always good for a laugh
  7. Windows Vista RTM Software Compatibility List link

    Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Professional Edition (32 Bit) (Compatibility warnings, but works) Would that mean it won't let me install unless i did some sort of work around?
  8. 98 to ME

    I'm one of those peeps who never really had any problems with it. It was pretty fast on an 866mhz with 256mb ram.