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  1. Kaspersky 8 Antivirus works perfectly, 30 day trial, and real serial keys sell on eBay for $10.
  2. The latest Vista update addressed activation cracks, probably close enough to blacklisted to trigger.
  3. It seems nuhi vLite's author made an agreement with MS to lockout SP1 over vLite'd prior. I got SP1 offered just by deleting vLite registry entry. SP1 downloads 68MB, the very smallest size SP1, so not much radically to process. It fails always with 8024200D error, that of course no references exist for. I'm waiting for second party genius to crack the lockout, at least for systems with conservative deletions, not the 600MB CD Vista slash and burn mods. My Home Premium vLited to 1.25GB installer disk and 5GB OS result. It's been running since last fall's betas with never a burp except SP1. I bet the solution ends up being a registry merge to patch. Forget hearing any discussion at vLite forums, this MS deal made topic verboten. Ironically, the patch would show up on the sites intent on cracking Vista activation, even though I bought three Vista HP OEM disks to enter legal licenses for vLite'd OS installs. I doubt there isn't already a race among hackers to publish the first one, probably with GUI and explicit instructions just like the hundreds of freeware Vista enhancers giving back choices. I must have at least 50 reg mods, tools, and answers to Vista's quirks onboard that really are the lost work I don't want to lose. Anyone with ANY news on this challange front please chime in. This one won't be handed openly, residing at shady resourses at least initially.
  4. http://www.winhelponline.com/articles/105/...dows-Vista.html
  5. Run Device Manager with display drivers listed, notice what are. Plug in external monitor and watch Device Manager refresh and display new driver added. Select properties and see if options are listed. If not, uninstall that driver added to list after refresh and plug in monitor and let new hardware discovery launch. If your video card has icon in Control Panel, check there before doing anything.
  6. Taskbar Repair Tool Plus! freeware partially enabled and shareware full functions provides multitudes of Taskbar/Start Menu tools including this situation. It's authored by Kelly's Korner and works in Vista.
  7. I've seen endless issues reported trying using Ghost of any version or any form accomplishing that mission. Forget different sizes drives and/or partitions size changes. Acronis technique does them all, repeatedly for me from direct experience.
  8. I've restored identical dual-boot partition set-ups with TI Home 11 numerous times. Make C XP partition active, D Vista primary. Restore XP first and boot. Restore Vista and boot, will error and require repair from Vista DVD, sometimes several passes. Finally, restore dual-boot option with Vista Boot Pro to reconfigure boot option again back to XP.
  9. Here's solid resource for Vista on legacy era tablets still popular with details on issues: http://mobilepcwiki.org/mpc/index.php?titl...ta_Installation
  10. What tablet models/specs are you planning deploying? The very newest tablets such as HP2710 or Lenovo X61 run Vista very well out of the box. The older the specs, the greater the need for compensating CPU with full RAM and high-speed drives and vLite along with tweaks of endless depth, again necessity based on the low-end, the greater the challenge. Specific feedback helps narrow focus.
  11. I'm running v'Lited Home Premium on my Motion M1300 1Gz, which is THE minimum to even install Vista. It runs VERY well by also having MAXED RAM (in my case, luckily finding out 2GB works fully) AND a Hitachi 7200rpm drive along with v'Lite benefits. My uptime has been 210 days without single issue and all updates fully installed. SP1 may be issue, but I doubt having been quite conservative chopping down Vista. The base install was under 6GB from 1.5GB DVD file. I long ago lost the configuration file, but even have repaired from DVD when upgrading to 100GB hard drive recently. Just trim away the obvious baggage based on bloat and what a tablet never could use, such as Moviemaker. Keep ALL the small stuff that might have hidden interdependencies just to save 10MB. The GUI will guide with common sense and warnings of consequences to pay ATTENTION to. Otherwise, you will be fine and thrilled with tablet benefits. My current Vista is 17GB with 140 applications, including 3GB page and 2GB hibernation. ALL data is on separate partition, so ENTIRE install is all software, including: StarryNight Pro and it's 1.5GB database, Photoshop CS2 and CS3, Office XP suite with OneNote 2003 (Office 2007 is pig on old tablets) and every software imaginable. There is absolutely NOTHING for me that XP does better or Vista can't be made working. That includes 1999 peripherals and their software installed with compatibility modes options and common sense. I suggest making Vista partition at LEAST 30GB and keep smaller XP partition as fall-back. I have had ZERO driver issues letting Vista FULLY auto-install all drivers. Only external displays on the ancient 855 chip remain broken in Vista and force rebooting back into XP for (my rare) needs. Fine-tune away ALL backround processes that cause hard drive activity including indexing, defrag and anything else. Buy PerfectDisk and defrag manually frequently, even 5-10% affects Vista performance on low-end tech specs tablets. I could elaborate more details if interested.
  12. I upgraded my hard drive that triggered reactivation of my OEM newegg Home Premium Vista and took three minutes to do over phone. Nothing was asked besides hardware changed and installed only one computer assurance. Couldn't been easier or less intrusive.
  13. Any parallel>USB cable will work. My BJC-80 works fine in Vista, the drivers auto-install. Haven't gotten the scanner cartridge driver to work only exception.
  14. Its an issue others have had including myself. Nuhi the vLite's author came up with simple reg file merge that cures issue without even reboot. You can find it at that MSFN forum or send me an email (only 45kb) for copy. bmhome1ATaolDOTcom

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