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  1. Windows 98SE Vista Style!

    i like it!! :thumbup
  2. [Release] XPize Darkside 1.0 beta 2

    Wow! Nice one man love this!
  3. SuperFetch advantages and disadvantages

    lol, never thought about that..
  4. SuperFetch advantages and disadvantages

    OFF thats why i realy dont consider Superfetch essencial, i think it is good maybe in a enterprise environmento, or a office, where you work with "not so heavy" Aplications, where you only want is to work fast, have your program open faster, and so on.. But when you game, are you realy concern in who many seconds (yeah! seconds, nor minutes or hours ) the game opens? Of course not, and look at this: you have superfetch, and your game opens 5 seconds faster than without it, and then it takes more 30 seconds to load the level.. so you loose 25seconds, and dont win anything... so its your choice..
  5. SuperFetch advantages and disadvantages

    At least in games i have gained some performance...
  6. SuperFetch advantages and disadvantages

    Well, i have posted this in a portuguese forum im registered, and this is what you get when you disable Superfetch + some uneeded services in vista, and perform a optimization to registry and RAM! Look at this ram consumption with all vista eye-candy! I am working in a tutorial for sharing this (portuguese for now), but is a bit dificult because i am full of school works... So in terms of RAM consumption, and overall multimédia programs performance, yes! you will have some gains! In my honnest opinion I think low ou mid end configurations doesnt realy gain anything with Superfetch.. Cant you wait more 2 or 3 (exagerating) secs for some aplication to open? Lets be serious, you still have perfetch, and in XP you didnt had perfetch, and until now we survived greets
  7. Vista OEM

    You only need to renew activation if you are using a Key Managment Server. However it is possible for validation to fail at some future point and revoke the activation. Never had that problems in XP.. And i was able to activate online 3 times with same OEM license in a row, but then i needed to wait 120 (or 180?) to be able to activate online again, between this period the only way to activate was from Phone... Maybe thats different with vista....
  8. I have no idea what to do now...

    So if its about a missing boot file, just boot into other Windows, like XP install VistaBoot Pro and reinstall the Vista Boot Loader... then try it again..
  9. Vista OEM

    Yes, it will activate, as many times as you want. But if you excede 3 times you will either have to wait 120 days to be able to activate from the internet again. or you can always, with no limit, activate from the phone... So, NO it's not going to be blocked.... :thumbup
  10. Vista OEM

    Here in Portugal we had a massive discusion in one of our forums about this.. so if you want to know... OEM dont block to the 1st hardware.. what does say in MS Eula, is that when you install in some computer it can only then be installed in that it sticks to it.... This is the legal side.. MS Eula considers illegal that you after install a OEM License in a PC you change it to other... so you dont have problems if in the future you want to reinstall it in other pc... just the fact that is considered Ilegal... OEM versions are just like the Retail ones, but difere on type and quantity of support, by other words, you just receive the DVD without garanty with a little or none information like a manual... and that RULE that you can only install it on the same computer that you installed the first time hoped it help...
  11. I have no idea what to do now...

    well, i had just a hour ago a problem like yours, Gnome partitioning to expand Vista partition, and then.... vista wont boot... Vista DVD too sloooowww tooo boot but when it did it just crash... second time... i did it.. but i went to repair and... nothing.. windows didnt find any problem so it just left the system the way it was.. so i remember!! Advanced boot option with F8 when windows was booting... select the option : Last known configuration (advanced) and!! TADA!! It booted!! Loool now im writting whitin vista it self!! Hope I Helpd
  12. Fixmbr type thing for Vista ?

    No problem! I recomend
  13. WindowsXP Pro won't recognize 4GB of memory.

    What??? XP will recognize 4GB of __RAM__, perhaps you're getting confused with __VIRTUAL ADDRESS SPACE__... I said maybe... dont said it will.. If Vista supports it why dont XP in future SP3, that i think is going to be out (but never know what MS has in mind), can support it to? Im just thinking.. but anyway im heading into vista so no problem to me
  14. WindowsXP Pro won't recognize 4GB of memory.

    That appens because WindowsXP 32Bit only recognize the maximum of 3Gb, maybe a little more, nothing about a chipset limitation... WinXP 64Bit and Any Windows Vista dont have that problem... maybe its fixed by WinXP SP3..
  15. Fixmbr type thing for Vista ?

    I think you can have good results with this program that also works under Windows XP and can reinstall the boot menu and search for bootable OS: Vista Boot PRo stay well