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  1. You'll loose all your data if you set Repartition to 1.
  2. Neowin.net is part of MSFN's spam filter.
  3. You can with XP Pro SP2. http://www.<<spam>>.net/forum/...howtopic=126109
  4. Here's what I did: Imported my hardware configuration into Target Designer Modified the Target Device Settings* (using the Settings panel) Added the Information Appliance Design Template Configured the Information Appliance component (using the Settings panel) Ran a Dependency Check (F5) Removed components that I don't use Added components from Software > Sytem > User Interface Added the Windows Installer Service and Autologin components Configured the User Interface Core component (using the Settings panel) Added and configured the Automatic Logon component (using the Settings panel) Built the target image without running a Dependency Check (F7) * specifically, Boot ARC Path and Boot Partition Size I'm having problems installing the nForce and ATi drivers though.
  5. OK, I now have a copy that takes 3 minutes to install and boots up in 20 seconds.
  6. XP Embedded is fantastic. My Windows folder is about 200 MB, it takes about 10 minutes to install and about 30 seconds to boot up.
  7. Surely following your guide would create a CD that would only work in VMWare? You said it would only work on one hardware configuration, and the hardware configuration we use would be the VMWare one.
  8. Where can I download the SLD file from?
  9. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&DisplayLang=en
  10. You have to provide answers for AdminPassword, FullName and OrgName... and maybe some more, I'm not sure.
  11. Yes, you can. That's how I install Windows XP. You'll need to boot into an OS (if none are installed on the hard drive, you'll probably have to boot off a Windows PE CD), then run something like: SET XPCD=Location of your XP install files SET INSTALL=Drive letter you want to install XP on to "%XPCD%:\i386\winnt32.exe" /syspart:%INSTALL%: /tempdrive:%INSTALL%: /unattend:%XPCD%:\i386\winnt.sif /s:%XPCD%:\i386
  12. You'll find this much easier when SP2 comes out.
  13. \Documents and Settings\Default User\Desktop
  14. Seems like a decent app. I'll test it next time I reinstall Windows (when I get my new hard drive, probably).
  15. Try and get hold of a Windows XP Home CD off someone and use the CD key you're using now to install it.
  16. This is fantastic. Thanks a lot.
  17. Only works if you're installing to the same computer you got wpa.dbl from, mind you.
  18. Well, if you did it correctly, you could make it so all you have to do is put in your Windows PE CD, reboot, then hit any key when it says "Press any key to boot from CD". You could put the batch file in PE's Startup (startnet.cmd) so that PE would boot up, copy the XP setup files to C:, reboot, and silently install Windows.
  19. Ah, I understand what you're trying to do now. Not as far as I know. I would suggest you create a Windows PE CD to boot from. You could then format c: and run the batch file to install Windows XP from there.
  20. You would format c: before that batch file and then reboot. set TempFiles=D should be set TempFiles=C Would you be running this from Windows PE?
  21. I do exactly what you're trying to do, Pollux. Here are the commands I use: SET XPCD=X SET INSTALL=C "%XPCD%:\XPCD\i386\winnt32.exe" /syspart:%INSTALL%: /tempdrive:%INSTALL%: /unattend:%XPCD%:\xpcd\i386\winnt.sif /s:%XPCD%:\XPCD\i386
  22. I think you would have to boot in DOS and execute winnt.exe from there.
  23. Sounds good. I think you should familiarise yourself with the winnt32.exe commands first though. Here's what I use: "C:\XPCD\i386\winnt32.exe" /syspart:E: /tempdrive:E: /unattend:C:\XPCD\i386\winnt.sif /s:C:\XPCD\i386 This would install Windows X to the E drive. Leave that to run, and it will install unattended from that point on.
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