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  1. Can thiese be integrated? Especially the Intel chipset updates, as they need to be in before anything else? Thanks! Ritmo2k
  2. Why not add the driver into your PE image permanetly. Its much easier now, not like the XP PE days...
  3. Can anyone share the vb rename script they are using for thier corp? How does your script fetch names, and how does it not duplicate names? Thanks!
  4. I have the exact scenario you do and am just learning as we speak. My solutions to your questions so far are: 1. Havent done any DVD installs, dont plan to... 2. I will setup my corp that way too. 3. Some of the stages of setup dont always run unless you use sysprep for example, so be carefull where you put stuff;-> The waik.chm explains the stages up top... I have found that automating the boot image with the XML is obviously only done with the PE portions of the possibilities. I am just running deployment after deployment in a VM from WDS now while tweaking the main setup xml. I for the life of me cant automate the timezone/currency/kb, product key, computer name (Shouldnt WDS do this?) portion even if I include the data that only seems viable in the PE portion in this XML iether?? I dont see any other place to put the product key... I also cant get the **** things to join the domain.
  5. I think you may have added the wrong PE image. I noticed all the custom PE images I make have only 1 volume of course in the WIM. But the boot image I added from my technet dvd of Vista has two volumes. I am about to start a PSS call for this on Monday. I then decided to add my drivers to a copy of the default boot image that works, as this one launches setup correctly. Now I have drivers in it to do setup for me:p I have some other issues, but I am this far at least... Ritmo2k
  6. I have been playing with this for a few days but have some questions. 1. I noticed that the default boot wim has two volumes, and if you need to add drivers like NIC and MASS you have to inject it to both. I have done this, and been able to create the XML to load windows on the first HD. 2. I can not how ever seem to add drivers to the windows portion. I dont know when to use the "Insert Driver Path to..." feature. Should I do this at the PE stage when the net is functioning I presume? 3. I cant seem to get it to Join my Domain iether. Anyone have some sample code to show? Thanks! jlc
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