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  1. I'm having windows 2003 enterprises has the server and 10 XP client machine , 1 2003 server client machine(since for some application support). Right now I'm facing the problem in the 2003 client machine , Where I'm unable to given the local admin rights for the DC user. I tried in the manage profile but not use. ? Pls suggest the idea regarding this.
  2. You've to use ipconfig /renew for setting the IP..?
  3. I think its better to reinstall the xp again!! let me see if the problem continues B) let me know..
  4. You may receive random general protection (GP) fault error messages in Mmsystem.dll. You may also receive one of the following error messages: Rundll - This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. RUNDLL32 caused a General Protection Fault in module MMSYSTEM.DLL . This problem can occur if the "drivers=mmsystem.dll" line is missing from the [boot] section of the System.ini file. Did you ever received the message like this mmsystem.dll??? Might be with hardware problem?..
  5. you can use the freeware tools called IPscanner. Try to use the admin rights to hide your IP from the LAN tracer. you will find it in the search..

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