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  1. Desktops 2012

  2. [Desktops] 2009

    Wallpaper: http://sxyfrg.deviantart.com/art/Guild-Wars-141242142
  3. [Desktops] 2009

    Share that wallpaper please. Sorry for the incredible late response lol you should have PMed me lol Here is the wallpaper: http://mlodywjt.deviantart.com/art/halle-berry-111646499
  4. [Desktops] 2009

    Here's mine (for now ). (click on image for 1280x1024)
  5. So I changed my default MP3 player to something else other than WMP, yet when I select a folder containing MP3s....on the top part of Windows Explorer there is the option 'Play All' which redirects to WMP. Is there anyway I can change this? The media player I'm use is QCD player and it has an option to play the entire folder (upon right clicking on it). The highlighted section is what I'm referring to...
  6. [Desktops] 2007

    My laptop: My desktop:
  7. OK For anyone that is remotely curious...I got it to work. I installed Visual Basics C++ 2005 runtimes and Alky for Windows Server 2003, then restarted the computer. Next I ran the installer found here: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=971. After installing that, I went to the installation directory of the sidebar, right clicked on "sidebar.exe" and selected "Patch and run as vista executable". Ran the program and BAM...it worked.
  8. I have it on my laptop and I find some of the gadgets to be a bit nice. Also my computer with Server 2003 doubles as a workstation.
  9. [Desktops] 2007

    clicky please, please, no full-sized screenshots (though yours was light but it's a question of habits)
  10. I've been searching all over the net and tried different methods, but I still can get the Windows Sidebar (from Vista) to work on Server 2003. I've downloaded Alky for Windows Server 2003, .NET 3.0, Visual C++ 2005 runtime and an installer...but still not luck. Has anyone got the sidebar to work with Server 2003?
  11. [Desktops] 2007

    My simple desktop....