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  1. Mal15

    Vista Ultimate - What services to kill safely?

    Look here: http://www.blackviper.com/WinVista/servicecfg.htm
  2. Mal15

    [Release] Vize 1.0 Final

    Great job, the beta versions were stable ones, I will test this one right now. Thanks a lot for your job.
  3. Mal15

    Nero Lite v7.11.10.0 & v8.3.13.0

    Go to File -> Options -> File Browser. There's the "Show toolbars" option, untick it.
  4. Mal15

    Nero Lite/Micro

    @Major, awesome work, Nero Lite French works great on Vista Home Premium & Ultimate. Thanks
  5. Is the project discontinued?
  6. @ Rico.JohnnY: Are you working on a 5.34 update? I'll hope so...
  7. Mal15

    Nero Lite/Micro

    Great job Major! It works great. I've downloaded Acheron's files too, and I'd like to know if you can do a tutorial. I want to make a localized one (for French people) but I haven't succeded yet. Thanks, keep up the good work.
  8. Mal15

    Problem with adding folders to Vista bootable ISO

    Try to add your folder before using vLite, it should work.
  9. Incredible job man, I never tought I'll be that amazed! Your Winamp enhanced version rules!!! Don't stop the good work, I'll hope we'll see new versions in the future. Congratulations!
  10. Hi boooggy, Your tool is unable to detect my Windows source type. It's a French XP Home SP2 OEM. Does your tool only work with English versions? Thanks
  11. I've downloaded version 1.4.2 but I got the Oobe and Theme bug after integrate this addon. Where can I find the Oobe fix, because there's none on Booogy's site. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the answer. I open the .msstyle file with ResHack, and there is a lot a bitmaps! I changed the ones looking like the classic Start button with the Vista one, but it doen't work, the .msstyle become buggy too. I think, as you've said, that there is more than bitmaps to change. Maybe someone will help. I heard that StyleBuiler may help... Is it only useful in creating new themes or to modify existing ones?
  13. Hi, I'm using the Royale noir VS, and I'd like to know how can I change the old start button with the Vista one, which is more compact. I know there are a lot of Vista VS on the Internet, but none of them are top notch (it doesn't mean that Royale Noir is) and I'd like to know how to change it myself. Thanks.
  14. Mal15

    Hi everybody!

    Hi, I'm a programmer from France and I know this forum since last yeat but I was only reading... Now it's time for participating Cheers.