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  1. thank you but wich one there are more then one File: WMP11 Tweaked Addon v1.3.9 WMP11 Vanilla Addon File: WMP11 Vanilla Addon v1.4.0 MsOobe and Theme Fix Addon for Windows Media Player 11 File: MsOobe and Theme Fix Addon WMP11 Runonce Addon File: wmp11 final runonce addon
  2. i have a bug with this pack the themes dont start the first time windows start with classic theme
  3. thank you for the themes but idont know why the theme dont start the first time always i have to restart my pc then they work i dont know what i have to leave default or to switch on or off in nlite my addons: winrar net1.1+2.0v1-2-1 bricopack vista xpizev451 k-lite tuneup vistacg IE7 firefox2.0 wm11 hideip3.1 irfanview3.98 visual tooltip1.22 kaspersky anti virus 6 MY CONFIG IN NLITE Options: MAXimum unfinished `Default usb port Default unsigned themes Disable Default i trided also enable sfc Disable TWEAKS Service Theme Automatic or default so please help me
  4. if someone have a good transformation addon pack please send it to me and what about the wm11 bug that make themes dont start the first time after install wincd thnx for help
  5. thanks when you put it her you can put also the cab version her in the forum i need an new vista cab pack i dont know how to make one
  6. how to do that with OEM and uxtheme.dll? i still have the problem after the install the theme is classic help
  7. hi i want to make my own vista style addon pack with vista transformation pack5.5 i have the brico pack is nice put its not what Im looking for but idon't konw how to do that and is it silent or other kind ? and how can i change the pic of the setup and boot screen please help me Im a new in this nlite world and sorry for my english thanks
  8. hi i have download the tool file but cmdow its not inside the file thanks for helping me
  9. hi every one Im new and a newbie in every thing that call WPI and how to work with sorry i know its not the first time that somone asked you how to install or how to work with WPI sorry for my english i haved read mybe every thing i fond it in your forum or istall guid but if somone can help me i need how to work with wpi in german like toturial its gonna be helpfull pleaaaaaaaaaasssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thank you

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