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  1. Looks like there is something wrong with your video accelerator. I never thought of it that way, but you are right - with the window frame Maxthon looks like WMP, and the scroll bar in Maxthon even looks a bit like the video position indicator!
  2. My desktop: Windows 98SE with a Vista-esque dark skin based on WMP11.
  3. It is, unfortunately, one of those SD to PCMCIA adapters from eBay. Works fine under XP, but not under 98SE. There isn't really any brand to speak of, and the serial number probably won't have any meaning - it is MX50004371. I keep reading that 98SE should have its own drivers for the card - not my version of 98SE though!
  4. Hello, I apologise if this has been addressed before, but I have searched the forum and the internet and cannot seem to find an answer. Basically, I have a system running Windows 98 Second Edition. I would like to add flash memory to it via one of the free cardbus slots. Unfortunately, whenever I plug in any card (I have tried a serial ATA card as well as a memory card adapter for SD / MMC cards) the OS asks for a driver. I have the my original install CD, but none of the drivers on it seem to work, and the serial ATA card and memory card adapter certainly didn't come with drivers. Could anyone point me in the right direction?
  5. They are here. Apologies about the pictures - I will fix them when I have access to an image editor.
  6. Thanks for your kind comments! It wasn't a program, but a simple registry edit. I recommend Virtual Plastic for freeware advice on how to skin Win98SE (and more recent OSes too). I quote: "With IE4+ installed you can define a bitmap to be displayed behind your toolbars, in explorer and internet explorer: * Open regedit and find the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar; * Select, and on the right, rightclick and add a new string value, name it "BackBitmap"; * Rightclick on it, choose modify; * Specify the path to your bitmap (.bmp !) and close. If you've got IE5 installed, the BackBitmap still works then. But you may insert another string value called "BackBitmapIE5". The normal one will work for your general explorer windows; the new bitmap is specific for IE5 and Outlook! Running IE6, or using Windows XP, though it comes with IE6, the BackBitmapIE5 value is still the same, but the string value for the explorer toolbar is now called "BackBitmapShell" (same key). Still, BackBitmap works too." As it says, with IE6 and Win98 you can specify two different bitmaps. I'm using the green one for the general explorer window, and a blue one for Outlook Express. Going on the screenshots from places like Winsupersite and IStartedSomething, it looks like there are actually 4 different colours for the toolbars in Vista: silver (applications), green (file explorer), black (media) and blue (PIM stuff). Anyway, it's a work in progress... today I changed the HTML code for the explorer shell (as well as the webview details pane graphic on the left), the mouse cursors and the default system font to Segoe UI. Still hate the box around the start button!
  7. Amazing! I just set about skinning my Windows 98 system and came across this forum! Anyway, my attempt is above and the Flickr photoset is here. What I am really interested in is getting rid of that awful rectangle around the start button. Which registry key do you need to modify? Edit: I like the way your taskbar looks by the way!
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