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  1. Works fine with 1.6 beta, and innounp 0.20 test version.
  2. 1. On XP Home , you can ONLY log on as Administrator in Safe Mode. You must create another user. 2. I do not know why the new nLite user does not have admin rights, that has nener happened to me. 3. AFAIK, no domain support on Home.
  3. Wow.I can't believe I missed the .iss file in the source archive. Oh well. Now I know to double check the source!
  4. I did some research The reason it won't recompile is because innounp won't decompile the section from the installer.Instead it just extracts the compiled code into 'embedded\CompiledCode.bin' There is a way to decompile the .bin using the ROPS Disassembler from the innounp site. However, it produces a code file that seems to require modification to be reused in IS. As you can see, there are a few choices: 1. Create a personal installer (use IS to package your UniExtract directory) 2. Wait for a new release 3. Convince Nitro to post the needed code 4. 'fix' the decompiled code My suggestion is 1, then 2 Glad I could help you guys! (keeps me from getting in trouble elsewhere )
  5. Update the innounp.exe inside the UniExtract\bin\ directory with the one in this file: http://innounp.sf.net/test020.rar
  6. They are completely useless files that somehow got left on the install disk from Microsoft.
  7. This should already be possible. When the console window opens to display the current unrar process, it should prompt you to enter a password to extract the RAR file. Does this not happen for you? The command windows opens, but it *looks* like it can't be typed in. It just doesn't echo what your typing, so it seems like you are not typing. Possibly contact the UnRar author to see if the password can be shown as * in a future release.
  8. Why not just replace the file directly on the nLite disk?
  9. That is currently what I'm doing, but sometimes it becomes annoying. So after my previous post I poked around in the source an came up with a way to have UniExtract to accept the /sub in either the first or second positions. ReadPrefs() if $cmdline[0] = 0 then $prompt = 1 else if $cmdline[1] == "/help" OR $cmdline[1] == "/h" OR $cmdline[1] == "/?" _ OR $cmdline[1] == "-h" OR $cmdline[1] == "-?" then terminate("syntax", "", "") else $prompt = 1;GUI on if fileexists($cmdline[1]) then ;Check for file in first spot $file = $cmdline[1] elseif $cmdline[1] = "/sub" then ;Check for /sub in first spot if fileexists($cmdline[2]) then ;Check for file in second spot $file = $cmdline[2] $outdir = $cmdline[1] $prompt = 0 ;GUI off else terminate("syntax", "", "") endif else terminate("syntax", "", "") endif if $cmdline[0] > 1 and $cmdline[1] <> "/sub" then $outdir = $cmdline[2] $prompt = 0 ;GUI off endif endif endif ; If no file passed, display GUI to select file and set optionsIs is kind of sloppy (In my mind at least) but basically its a replacement for the beginning of the current ReadPrefs() section. I realize your source is probably very different from the current public source, but maybe this could inspire you to find a way to implement this in the next version.
  10. Would it be possible to request the ability to use the '/sub' switch before the archive? Ex: UniExtract.exe /sub "c:\whatever.zip" Why? I dislike adding more entries to the context menu. I try to use a SendTo shortcut if possible, and the way shortcuts work it is not possible to have switches after a dropped file. (That I know of)
  11. If I remember correctly, this is a Windows thing, your wallpaper needs to be a bmp. The reason the display properties can use a non bmp is because it re-saves the picture as a bmp to "C:\Documents And Settings\(user)\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Wallpaper1.bmp" So, just make your wallpaper a bmp. That *should* fix the issue.
  12. This is not limited to nlited installs, it happens when I install with a completely un-modified XP SP2 disk.
  13. I have been trying to install XP from my pendrive for the couple weeks, and I have been watching your posts, very helpful by the way, and I believe you should try it with a pendrive that has a Read-Only switch on it. That *should* eliminate the need to 're-generate' the files.
  14. Or you could do what I do and share the pagefile between both installations. Just set them to both create the pagefile on the same drive.
  15. I would also like to not have to make another user.

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