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  1. Has anyone solved this problem yet?
  2. I'm having the exact same problem. If i leave it out of svcpack.inf and install after installation. No problem. I also notice a version difference of the iexplore.exe which is 7.00.5730.13 before the 2 hotfixes and 7.00.6000.xx afterwards. So no fully patched IE7 after unattended I'm still looking into the problem. I also tried slipstreaming the IE6 version of the patches into xp setup , but with no luck. p.s. Windows Update fails to install the 2 updates also. 1 even fails the download.
  3. I have the same problem, and it only occurs when there's an onboard Intel Graphics card present in the system. After some investigation i figured out the the Intel drivers are the problem. When hardware is getting probed for detection, and the intel graphics is found it then asks for a driver. The hardware it is actually looking for is the second (non present) monitor. This is for dual display configuration. So i seems the intel drivers are the cause. The setup continues as normal, check HDD activity during the display of the found new hardware box, and you'll notice hardware detection continues in the background. It's mainly an annoying thing, everything works normally after setup completes. But if there is someone who knows how to disable the new hardware found box during setup.. i'd like to know.
  4. WinPE 2.0 using WDS and RIS variables

    If you were to use RIS to Install workgrouped computer you could use the maintenance and troubleshooting tools section. Then no Domain acount is created. But the Main advantage of the OSC files with RIS is that the acount gets created with the GUID. And so the computer keeps its acount name for the lifetime of it. If they left that out in WDS then we are back to the old situation where duplicate accounts become a problem again. And no incremental acount names are possible. so back to creating MAC adres - Computername files? blah So its also a fact that when booting from WDS the acount is not created? and the options presented in he properties from the WDS server are for legacy RIS support only?
  5. WinPE 2.0 using WDS and RIS variables

    Thanx, it would be great if you could send me the HTA code in due time! But does this mean that computer acounts do not get created by WDS, and no GUID gets coupled to it?
  6. I'm trying to get the WinPE 2.0 and WDS to work like the old RIS environment using WinPE 1.6 (2005). It successfully boots WinPE 2.0 using WDS, however the Variables that were available using RIS arent available anmore, like %machinename%. Does anyone know if there is another way of getting this to work? the method i'm using to deploy my companies pc's relies on the RIS generated computername with GUID. I've tried the unattend.xml, but as documentation is far from clear, i've not been able to get it functional. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. adding hotfixes into RIS

    From Windows XP SP2 on the Hotfixes are slipsteamable. Just use KBxxxx.exe /integrate:<path to RIS setup>
  8. Just use Windows PE and script from there. There is no possible way of automaticly creating partition from a RIS based Unattended Setup. Windows PE DOES work with RIS.. you just need a license