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  1. You all probably know this by now, but both USP 5.02 (B17 Retro and B18) and USP 5.1 support 48-bit LBA translation now. In other words, the setupreg.hiv you need is already in these unofficial service packs.
  2. Here is a little info on the last four usp builds. 5.1.2195.24 Refresh - hotfixes through May 31, 2006 + 48-bit LBA translation (because 48-bit LBA is one of the features of usp 5.1 according to Gurgle) Last Revision: July 14, 2006 5.1.2195.23 Final - hotfixes through May 31, 2006 + 48-bit LBA translation Last Revision: June 15, 2006 5.02.2195.18 - hotfixes through Jan 27, 2006 + possibly (don't know yet) 48-bit LBA translation Last Revision: Aug 17, 2006 5.02.2195.17 Retro - hotfixes through Jan 27, 2006 + 48-bit LBA translation Last Revision: June 02, 2006 None of the usp builds contain DX9. Hope this helps, SirBrainChild
  3. Please, ONLY Update Rollups for 5.02 B18 from now on (unless Gurgle comes back). It would best if the update rollup package for 5.02 not have slipstreaming ability, because technically this would require it to be a service pack with just fewer files included. I say this because service packs and hf integration replaces the setup.hiv registry hive and inf files that contain registry entries and ontrol how w2k installs. Changing these can introduce bugs (gurgle found bugs that not even microsoft bothered to correct in sp4). Gurglemeyer once said that if he ever created an update rollup, the integration ability would be removed (probably because of this very reason). Creating a new service pack will create confusion and create too many platforms for future updates. I can provide updated setup boot disks for 5.02 B18 is anyone wants them.
  4. I updated information on my previous post about a few usp 5.02 Retro facts. My Future USP's and Update Rolloup recommendations: I recommend that both the 5.02 and the 5.1 usp's be continued through update rollup packages. No need to create full 200+ MB service packs, except maybe once per year. I believe that these update rollups should not have integration ability unlike Microsoft's rollups. In the future, 5.1 should omit Windows Media player 9 but include: 1.) The WP9 codecs (Windows Media Format codec redistribution or wmfredist.exe) so that windows media player 2 can play more recent media. 2.) DX9 should be inluded in my opinion, but all the joy stick images should be ommitted to avoid excessive bloat. (Use hfslip's method as a reference on how to do this). 3.) Most users can beneifit from the inclusion of .Net 1.1 and 2.0 runtimes, but on another hand we can download and install these seperately. This would also be just another thing to patch and would increase the usp download size considerably. After all we still have a streamline usp 5.02. Is this worth it for the majority of W2K users? What do you all thing of adding .net runtimes to 5.1. Is there anyone out there who still plans to create a sequal to usp 5.1? Please do NOT add anything to USP 5.02, it's small; it's streamline, and serves a purpose if only security and critical updates are added. In fact I'd be very happy if no rereleases of 5.02 are created; I trust Gurglemeyer's last release. We just need regularly a released rollup package, and slip-streaming ability would be a plus. If Gurglemeyer is still alive, then only he needs to update it. I tend to favor a conservative, approach, becaue I enjoy stability and reliability and some production/professional situations require it. Also, we also do not want too many usp's floating around to confuse people. A new USP every year (multiple builds are fine of course) might be appropriate for the next and last three years of Windows 2000.
  5. Some 5.02.2195.17 Retro information: 1.) Contains hofixes thru Jan 27, 2006 2.) Last Revision: June 02, 2006 3.) Contains 48-bit LBA translation intext-mode setup and in normal operation (confirmed by look at setupreg.hiv and by looking in the registry after install; I only have an 80 GB drive to test it on.). Appearantly, build 17 was made to give USP 5.02 more reliability and to add 48-bit LBA translation (support for hard drives over 137 GB). This post has been edited and simplied from it's previous verson. ---------------------------------------------------------------- P. S. Up 5.02 Retro is useful in places where usp 5.1 is not. Always keep it even if Gurglemeyer doesn't return so you can just download post Jan 2006 hotfixes.
  6. Thank you everyone for helping me out with downloading usp 5.02; you have been most kind. Unfortunately, I disagree, but fortunately without certainly. When I looked at the file dates in 5.02 retro slipstreamed install point today, I found dates only as recent as January 2006 where as 5.1 has dates recent as Apr, 16, 2006. Only one install config file was updated in June 2006 while the lastest date of other files span only to jan 2006. It appears he corrected 5.02, but not updated it. Furthermore, a few M$ March/April hotfixes file dates match dates of corresponding files in USP 5.1 but not 5.02 retro. I think gurgelmeyer may have not inlcuded new hotfixes because wanted to focus on 5.1, and wanted to increase the stability and reliability of USP 5.02. To double check, keep reading... To anyone: My computer is not connected to the internet (I am poor, incollege, and will sing for a quarter). Someone else please test my conclusion with these steps: 1) perform clean install windows 2000 pro with usp 5.02 retro. 2) connect to m$ windows update (wu) 3) note the kb number of the earliest, not latest, hotfix presented by wu other than the Update Rollup 1 (UR-1) ur-1 normally shows up even if it's installed. 5.) cross reference the kb number with this forum post http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=58360. 6.) If it shows up and pertains to w2k itself, it is not in the service pack. Gurgel was meticulous and made sure wu correctly detected them (except UR-1 (kernel mode driver in) which shows up after hfslip too). Change from original version of this post: Wul.exe, which is freeware from nirsoft.com does not detect hotfixes slipstreamed into USP 5.x but does detect hotfixes slipstreamed with hfslip. In other words, I think you should still use usb 5.x but use wu to check which patches are needed. If Gurgelmeyer is not well, is he at least alive? He mentioned a heart condition. Even if this zombie (not alive or dead) project dies, it would be nice to know Gurgelmuyer didn't pass away or doesn't and eventually recovers. I want to be positive for now. Dead project or not, all should keep your USP 5.Xs , because hfslip now supports integrating usp 5.02 and 5.1 as well as hotfixes into your installation point. HFslip is not quite as polished is some ways, but it works very well. It's also much less work to patch windows with usp5.02 or usp 5.1 rather than sp4. Off the topic: NLite is also good after slipstreaming usp 5.1 or 5.02 because it allows you to disable kernel paging in w2k and winXP which is great if you have plently of ram. I hope my going slightly off topic is okay. Thank you and take care, SirBrainChild
  7. Will, I cannot download the August release USP 5.02.2195 This new link as well as the main link cuts of at 188 to 190 MB. Can this version, USP-5[2][1].02.2195.17-RETRO.ZIP, be posted on soft pedia, cnet, major geek or some other place? Unfortuantely, the security you have on your site prevents the ability to resume downloads after interuptions. This file is nowhere else on the web as far as I can tell. Thank you for you help. SirBrainChild
  8. Here is a freeware tool that should identify some hotfixes on a system running Windows 2000 with USP 5.x. My orignal question was roughly "Does this util detect hotfixes included in usp 5.x." Since then, I have confirmed through testign that the answer is no. It does not detect hotfixes included in service packs including Gurglemeyer's USP 5.x, but does report hotfixes intigrated using hfslip. It may even include hotfixes included using nLite. Because it's good to slipstreaming an unofficial service pack because adding hotfixes (hflsip or nLite), this is very useful in determining which hotfixes you have installed when you are disconnected from the interent. Gurglemeyer, thank you for USP 5.1 and for everything. I hope you are feeling better, I know you have been sick for a while. SirBrainChild
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