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  1. oh! as i`ve already downloaded it,so is there any way i can manage to break the iso
  2. hello. i`ve downloaded windows vista on a pc with no dvd writer.so is there any way i can break that iso which can be burnt on cds and later combine them them into single dvd.
  3. great desk @mr.brownstone.u r using windows vista right?
  4. great desk anoxan between which is the theme and browser you are using ??
  5. hey harunaksoy nice desk! how did you managed to change the skin of itunes??
  6. Thanks guyz i did as you told and it worked! i wanted to use foobar columns ui
  7. ya i changed bootscreen and logon skin. should i restore to default one??
  8. i dont know. all i did was installed win xp over the previous win xp sp2.
  9. Hi guyz i installed xp on my machine few days ago and the installation was smooth.i had no problem during the installation.now when i try to install sp2 or sp2 i get an error: Please help.
  10. @ undeadsoldier which is the vs in ur screenshot??
  11. For some other reason i installed win xp again,and now i`m able to install kas antivirus.but i wonder what was the problem before!!!!
  12. @ps thanks. @TAin sorry for posting large screenshots.
  13. last week I downloaded KAV 6 from their website from my univesity internet centre.When i tried to install it at my home i`m getting the following error Please Help
  14. here is the link for the first theme(Fantastic Theme) at deviantART Fantastic Suite
  15. hey guyz which are these themes?? They are simply awesome. and these are all posted by pS- 3. Please do not post screenshots within threads that exceed 300x200 in resolution and 150kb in size. Provide a link to the image and host it on your own webspace if possible. Always keep in mind we have several members on 56k and loading a thread with a few large screenshots can be quite slow for them. THANX IN ADVANCE.
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