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  1. Free Version of StyleXP offered by TGTSOFT

    my bet is that if you wait on a final version someone will figure out how to make a keygen for both styles xp and stylebuilder! thats my 2 cents!
  2. Don't cheat !!

    f***ing sweet!!!! i hate cheaters!!!! but check this out.... i found this one site and it has a phat a** skinpack for cs... http://www.counter-strike.vze.com/ just go to skins... and then download the central skinpack...thats it! enjoy!
  3. Service plan or stuff it???

    hehe BB that sounds like something i did...
  4. Longhorn beta 1

    ok, but i wouldn't get your hopes up just yet...
  5. who says it doesn't pay to play games?

    WHAT??? you have got to be kidding!!! and people actually buy stuff for a game on ebay! thats about the funniest thing i have heard yet!
  6. How to build a PC.

    sweet! i am sure that this will help lots... nice post! later
  7. Help with Max Payne

    hey bro... i know you are just messin.... don't think that i take anything personal, but i hate people getting all offensive when you say that [b:47575a4a50]if[/color:47575a4a50][/b:47575a4a50] your version isn't legit the cracks won't work.... no one was accusing anyone...only stating facts.... you are almost family BB as we spent quite alot of time at Peppy's
  8. Longhorn beta 1

    read this it should say enough http://www.winsupersite.com/faq/longhorn.asp http://www.winsupersite.com/showcase/longhorn_preview.asp
  9. Help with Max Payne

    max paynes 1.5 no cd patch is out...
  10. i made a style XP theme....

    thats nice to hear....
  11. i made a style XP theme....

    um i dunno... i made that when the first styles xp beta came out... i did it all in photoshop... nothing major, but it isn't bad....and i currently use it all of the time... i was working on another theme, but i posted too many pics and someone stole my idea.... but i will hopefully become creative again... (me and my wife have to move into our new house first) hopefully i still have it in me! my theme there was in "beta" awhile and i had a few select peeps on Peppy's forum testing it and telling me things that needed work and things like that!
  12. Longhorn beta 1

    i agree... i heard this about the time that XP was coming out! of course its a load of s***!
  13. Help with Max Payne

    hehe Big Booger.... Pinker bro no one said that your s*** was illegal...
  14. netscape 6.2

    i will have to say that Netscape 6.2 is ok, but it still takes longer to load than IE (on windows XP) and what they ripped off the MSN interface or something! overall i think that opera is the fastest! but of course i have had problems with opera not wanting to open certain download links!
  15. Defrag on XP is on the Rag

    this will tell you advantages of having the NTFS filesystem! http://www.microsoft.com/TechNet/prodtechn...sp?frame=true#b