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  1. Bold Fortune

    I have always enjoyed Bolds site (his views) and his sense of humor (even before he had the site). I dont do that much "slimming down" of my OS but Ive always enjoyed learning and "tweaking" new stuff and I like doing it manually rather than with some app generally speaking. I guess just because Ive been doing it that way for so long Ive sort of gotten used to it. But of course to each, his/her own. Im sad to see Bolds site down (thru what appears to be no fault of his own) but its nice to see how youve highlighted a few particulars here Doc Trout. Thanks, I really appreciate that. B)
  2. Hi guys, Does anybody know of a font manager that will distinguish between diff kinds of fonts and seperate them for you? I currently have Suitcase and Font Expert. And I have about 1.5G of fonts. (Not installed of course) Id like to put the diff kinds of fonts into seperate folders for easier rerieval when Im looking for a certain kind of font for special projects in the future.
  3. Flame Plugin For Ps7

    No prob Tom. Dont hesitate ta ask if any other stuff comes up. B)
  4. Flame Plugin For Ps7

    I have it but have never tried it. Panopticum Fire 2.0 for Adobe Photoshop which can be found here among other places. Hard to know what might work for ya though since there are manyl diff types of fire "effects" which can be had and you havent really specified anything other than what we can imagine from "a silohette to be in flames".
  5. Another Stormy Sig

    Actually took me awhile ta get everythin jus so. Interestin how some of you guys put some great stuff together in "30 seconds" what might take me 3 hours. Even my avy took me some time to figure out. Im sooooo slow.
  6. Need Sig + Atavar

    Jus start w/a tutorial that interests you. Pick 'em off one by one. Even if its jus one about learnin the tools. One step atta time works.
  7. Need Sig + Atavar

    Sorry 'bout the name. Nice job on your sig!
  8. Need Sig + Atavar

    Heres the other. Whatta-ya think? or Or did you have somethin diff in mind?
  9. Need Sig + Atavar

    Sorry Xp, I think I threw the psd away for that a while ago. I would have to make another from scratch. I can do that if tyou want. Heres a little touchup I did to the existing jpg. Does this help? :
  10. Need Sig + Atavar

    Your welcome XP! Sorry it took so long for you to happen upon this thread again.
  11. Need Sig + Atavar

    Thanks Widnez. Yours is lookin good too!
  12. Need Sig + Atavar

    Jus wonderin if you caught my question in the previous post Dave?
  13. Need Sig + Atavar

    Heres another:
  14. Need Sig + Atavar

    Hey Mac. I do animations and I have flash but I havent taken the time to learn the "flash" method yet. (Jus havin too much fun w/PS an IR I suppose.)
  15. Need Sig + Atavar

    Another one Bold: