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  1. It may just be me, but I have never had good experiences with repairing XP. If I have an issue and can not fix it then I just do a complete install. I have even noticed every now and then that the machine gets faster after a new install compared to the past.
  2. That is easy. You can use something like nLite and it will insert Themes and it also allows you to insert the ones on the computer you re running the program on. http://www.nliteos.com
  3. Ok, I am also no pro but I have completed the Unattended install portion and have moved in the Advanced portion of Unatttended. This is how I did mine. I followed everything the guide stated till i got to what program to use to burn it. I created the boot.bin file with-in 'nLite" and the moved to PowerISO 3.1. That is when I created the ISO, making it bootable with the boot.bin file. I then moved to testing the OS with VMware (a virtual machine). I then corrected any and all errors and created a final ISO with PowerISO. I know many in this forum will say not to use PowerISO for this since they
  4. Does this mean that the 30 people that looked at this popst have no clue what I mean or they just do not choose to answer?????????????????????
  5. Thank you Gee! This did work correctly so that means that "T D" is incorrect.
  6. /qr does not work within the 5.3 WPi enviroment. It fails everytime no matter what I use.
  7. Justr to let anyone else know how to extract from Acronis True Image. Double-Click the exe file (like trueimage9.0_s_en.exe) and the right click where it states "Install True Image". Just select extract and path for extraction. Then use information xian7479 posted and you are set.
  8. I have Reg Tweaks that I obtained from someone else's WPI (of a unknown version). The registries are formated as follows REGEDIT /S %CDROM%\INSTALL\Reg/03/01.reg The new Sample Config for version 5.3 lists them as follows %CDROM%\INSTALL\REG\03\01.reg The question here is should the forward slash and back slash be used in the same manner for version 5.3 or should I stick with the back slash for all registry edits? Also, Is it required to put the "REGEDIT /S" before the reg edit inorder to makie it silent?
  9. Thank you everyone. I will test the path that you gave Gee and post the outcome.
  10. I have read the $OEM$ Distribution Folders section of the Unattended Install and wanted to know if there were more folders then listed. For instance, will $Desktop place a file or folder on the desktop if it is in that folder? If so what other folders names will work for other aspects of the $OEM$? I just wanted to know if there are more since I have not been able to find it in my search of MSFN and GOOGLE.
  11. xian7479 Thank you! I kind of figured I needed to extract it but I never new what to do after that. I will try that later and let you know if it worked correctly.
  12. I am having the same problem. I am using %CDROM%\INSTALL\Macromedia Studio 8\FSCOMMAND\Macromedia_Dreamweaver_8.msi /qr It seems to be working. If I have any problems I will let you know. MitsuMan did you get it to work?
  13. Does anyone know a method for installing Acronis True Image 9, with in WPI, that will install it silently? I have tried using WinInstall LE and it fails to install or corrupts certain parts and then the program corrupts that image it makes.
  14. Well I am actually opposite of everyone else. I need to know how to turn a WinXP MCE 2005 merged DVD into 2 CD's. I tried to trim it down but I could only get it to the upper 800Mb range. It has a good amount of updates intergrated with it. So, what file do I need to change to move OEM (not $OEM$) and CMPNTS folders to CD2. I really do not care about the Media Center section of the CD but I do want to keep the Themes, Desktop pictures, and Screensaves. This MCE also has a LUNA 4 and 4A that I would like to keep. I already have the CDSwitch set-up for my WPI just need to get the OS to fit on on
  15. Well if it is in the registry then it is encrypted. I looked over the registry and found no information that could assist me. I will keep looking.
  16. Does anyone have a idea how to remove my email and name from the registered FRAPS?
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