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  1. What do you mean by "right click intall"? EDIT: a...ok I understand EDIT2: I did what you told me to do but it still doesn't work... Blue screen while booting...
  2. http://www.station-drivers.com/page/intel%20raid.htm Do I have to switch the AHCI mode on?? Well, if I do it, my system wont boot. First I have to install drivers and then turn the hardware on, well, that is how it was in the previous versions...
  3. Today the new version was relased - We'll see if that one works correctly. EDIT: No changes in this case. Still the installer is informing me, that my system doesn't meet the specifications...
  4. sorry for not responding. I'm sure that AHCI should work because it was warking before and I can switch it on in BIOS and previous version of Intel Matrix Storage Manager were working correctly...
  5. Hi! Few days ago I have downloaded the newest IMSM drivers and tried to install them but under XP I'm reciving a message that my OS doesn't meet specific conditions... And I also tried to integrate it with nlite but it seems that it fails because I had to swich to normal ATA mode during instalation because XP don't want to intall becasue no HDD was detected... BTW I have Vostro 1500 with Intel® ICH8M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller
  6. But it's not beta 2. Why there is so much difference in numbering? I mean that there is so big jump, from RC2 which was 3311 to the new one which is 5503
  7. As always nuhi, you are right Thanx for help
  8. Yes, all the shourtcuts are working corretly... no errors in the setuperr.log
  9. As in the topic, I have a strange (and for the first time since I'm using nLite) problem. I made some changes in my windows using nLite and after I intelled os I noticed, that all the icons in the start menu (exept folder's icons) change into the standard .exe aplication icon. Windows Movie Makre, Windows Media PLayer, Windows Update, word pad, caltulator, notepad etc... where is the reason of the problem??
  10. The Dell Windows? So Dell has some different Windows? Anyway, kartten should integrate iaahci instead of iastor
  11. Well...I think you should integrate iaahci.inf because this is sata driver, iastor.inf is SATA RAID driver. I integrated iaahci.inf without any problems using nLite...
  12. Ok I made what you told me, but during the intall process the error apeear that it's impossible to continue installation because of asms ... and when I tryed one more time, the instalor aked me for the original disk and ask me to search manualy for i386/asms but I checked it later and the folder asms was on the correct place and nothing was wrong, but still it doesn't want to install... whats's wrong?? HELP!!!!
  13. Hi! I want to install MCE 2005, and as I sow the only difference is that in folder "cmpnents" id CD 2 there is "mediactr" which contains MCE 2005 stuff. So I compiled windows XP Pro with nLite and I've put "mediactr" into "cmpnents" folder. Will it work right now or I have to do something alse to make windows installer "see" that it has to install MCE from "cmpnents" folder? Greetings Mike
  14. YES! I found it Thanks guys! P.S. Somebody knows when the next nlite relase will appear and what new will include??
  15. OK, I just want to make another windows XP compilation using my "last sesion.ini" and disable this option, but I still can't find anything called "Activate window on mouseover"...
  16. So you mean that I can't change it nLite options and have to download everytime this powertoy??
  17. Hi! I have not tipical problem, so I couldn't find the solution on the forum When I was preparing my XP with nLite (I made already about 30 different compilations of windows with this greate tool) I enabled by mistake some option that I want to remove now, but I don't know how does it call. This option makes that everytime I put my mouse cursor on some dialog menu or window, the cursor makes it activ. You know what I mean? For egzample, when I have opened My document and My computer and the windows are next to eachother, when I have selected some object in My documents window, to for egzample change the folder name and I put my mouse pointer on My computer window, it makes this window activ!!It makes me angry every time I move my pointer by mistake to another place! PLEASE help me!!!!!! Mike

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