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  1. 3rd party WIM's are NOT supported.And why bother integrating SP1?.Just download ISO that has it already integrated by MS.It's much cleaner and simpler that way. Then you can easily integrate your language pack into that and start removing components. So I can download WIN7 SP1 directly from MS and make it legal with the same serial number I have now? Where can I download it?
  2. Using this software at this stage of developement is pointless. As I can see there is absolutely no support, bugs are not solved. Apart of the system ui missing languages in the initial setup there is also issue with slipstreaming. After slipstreaming with SP1 I got the following error in the installer: "Windows could not set the offline locale information. Error code: 0x80000001" Ok after some attempts I think where is the issue. My Windows 7 version comes from DELL. It's English OS version but it contains additional languages .cab files in languages folder on the CD. I guess that during the installation process the selected language is written to the installed system. So if I slipstreamned SP1 before then there is issue when system wants to install additional language over system with SP1. So I decided to: 1. Take my language .cab file and integrate it with OS manually (manually meaning before system installation but I did it of course with RT 7 Lite) 2. Slipstream SP1 I hope it will work this way
  3. Ok I found the issue. When doing tweaks or un-attended changes all is fine. All languages are are possible to choose during initial setup. To problem appears when some feature is removed, even if it's not a language. For example I removed TV Tuners drivers and Remote Registry and now no more possible to choose any other language in the initial setup but English. So using "Features Removal" is broken here. Any solution?
  4. With my original Windows 7 CD I have possibility to choose system language at the beginning of the installation. Yesterday I used RT 7 lite to integrate SP1 + remove some components. I didn't touch any unattended settings but now in the installation process I can't choose any other system language but English. So I entered RT 7 lite again and market unattended settings. I went to "regional" tab but still the only language I can select there is English. What's wrong? Thanks
  5. So any news on 1.6.0? Going to make some compilation soon and just wondering if to wait for some new feautures...
  6. I have a following problem: My Windows 7 installation CD is Multi-language. In RT Seven Lite 1.0.9 there is only option to choose English language. So after customizing process my Win7 can be only in English but during the installation there suppose to be option to choose the language at the very beginning. I'm not talking about keyboard language but about the whole system language. What can I do?
  7. If you check something in the right side, it is enabled. Ok so the things that are checked by default from the beginning in the app are the same that by default windows installation? And if something isn't checked then it means that it is also by default disabled in standard installation of Windows?
  8. Left side is for permanent removal Right side is for enabling and disabling windows application. It will not be wiped out from WIM. Ok so if I mark something from right side then it means that the marked element will be disabled or enabled?
  9. Sorry for maybe dump question but "Default features" in Features Removal section are list of features that I want to keep or remove?
  10. Thanks for the link. Is there something similar to this but about components because I wasn't thinking about services actually writing my previous post
  11. You are right but I'm talking about some specific stuff for professional or not regular purpose. Things like multimedia stuff are up to my choice but I simply don't know what most of those components do That's why I asked for some help in choosing what to remove. As I said before - all I do is playing music, browsing internet, working with MS office and playing some games from time to time. Anyway thanks for telnet explanation. I will remove it then. And where can I find Program Compatibility Assistant? If I remove the service then the program is useless, right? But I can't find it in the removal components...
  12. Nobody can help? Mostly I'm wondering if it's safe to remove telnet stuff... ?
  13. I'm going to make my first win7 x64 customization CD and I want to ask you guys if things I want to remove are safe to remove and maybe you have some ideas what else is safe to remove and completely useless. * This is based on 32-bit ISO image but this week I will received 64-bit operating system. I think the main difference will be that x64 version will have some more services? Ok, here is it: Pernamently remove: Accessories -------------- On-Screen Magnifier Welcome Center Windows Repair Disc Drivers ------------------ Intel Corporation NVIDIA Creative Technology TV Tuners Language Packs ------------ All Multi-Media --------------- Sample Music and Videos Sample Pictures Screensavers Network ------------------- Telnet Client Telnet Server Services ------------------ BitLocker Drive Encryption Service Parental Controls Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel Support Program Compatibility Assistant Service (can I remove a program, not only a service?) Remote Registry Smart Card Removal Policy Windows Backup Windows Error Reporting Service Windows Card Space Windows Biometric Service System -------------------- Recovery Tablet PC Windows Anytime Upgrade Default features: Tablet PC Components Telnet Client Telnet Server I'm a regular user. I don't work with any servers or networks. Just connecting to wifi router and browsing internet. Most of time working on MS Word, playing some games from time to time. What do you think I can safely remove then?
  14. If you remove Protected Storage, software will not remember your passwords. So security-wise, it's a good idea to remove. All passwords? Like in Opera passwords also? So button "Remember password" will be useless?
  15. Thanks myselfidem! Will try that! I found also RT 7 Lite on this forum which seems to be competition to 7customizer. There is already available tweak to skip user account creation and log in automatically as administrator. I will give a try to both app and see which one is better

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