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  1. is it me or MSN times out a lot?

    lol:angel :assshake
  2. Longhorn beta 1

    I came across a site and this is the release info. the give out: Windows "Longhorn" release schedule Longhorn revealed June 24, 2001 Longhorn release verified by Microsoft executive vice president Jim Allchin June 27, 2001 Longhorn mentioned in Microsoft antitrust settlement filing November 1, 2001 Longhorn details first revealed on the SuperSite for Windows January 14, 2002 Longhorn Beta begins Expected mid-2002 Longhorn RTM Expected late 2003
  3. is it me or MSN times out a lot?

    how come you guys have to many problems? my windows messenger(MSN Messenger for XP) worked really well, it never timed out, I have MSN Messenger for over 3 years, and I NEVER get any error(other then server upgrade):WTF?::poke
  4. Longhorn beta 1

    they say the well release it on January or February, but it might come out sometime in March or May or even June... you never know...
  5. upgrading from millenium

    btw, if you have a big hard drive, why not dual boot? some programs don't even run on XP(like my printer install CD)
  6. upgrading from millenium

    My vote is a clear install too, if you have too many stuffs you want to keep, you can burn it into a CD(CD-RW is better, so you can erace it after) or if you don't have a burner, then... you have to upgrade(upgrade is not a good choice, don't know why M$ recomends upgrade:assshake:rolleyes::poke:ohno:grenade:flush:behead:blueteam)
  7. upgrading from millenium

  8. upgrading from millenium

    opps... my mistake:assshake
  9. upgrading from millenium

    *If I'm wrong, pleaes correct me* isn't XP home like XP PRO, doen't have a upgrade version and full install version? aren't they together? If not, then i'm wrong. If you want to buy a upgrade version of XP home, you don't need to reformat you hard drive, in fact, if you format you hard drive, you won't be able to install a upgrade version, you just start windows ME, pop in the CD, follow the wizard, then your computer well be running as XP home in about 30 minute:D
  10. Windows XP Plus

    that's exatly why i'm going for Powertoy now, and the best of all, IT'S FREE!!!
  11. Slow Reaction time?

    try use Disk Clean-up and Disk Defragmenter, that *might* help a little:D
  12. XP are good, but...

  13. XP are good, but...

    Microsoft shouldn't release a new software that with only a little changes, like LS_Dragons said, windows ME sucks, that's like a incomplete work, even the older version(windows 98 and 98se) is better, but i have to agree that Windows XP is a good one, and the next release of windows?(I think it well be windows LongHorn) It's just going to be another windows ME alike stuff, and Windows Blackcomb is coming soon to. Why on earth should we keep buying all those new windows with only a litte update? well it make any differnece if we use Widdows XP instead of LongHorn? I don't think so:rolleyes:
  14. XP are good, but...

  15. Messenger 4.6

    I blocked all the junk mails, and I hardly get any mail, so I don't really mind, and i left it on:D