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  1. [Release] Adobe Reader 9.0 Lite

    Thanks for all shark as ever you are amazing and ou atteend tto every request we need or have, thanks a lot...
  2. Yet Another XP Mod - yAXM Project

    Modular, as modules, sections, parts, for example, I want to know how do you get an 134mb cd, it's interesting for me, I'm trying to do an WXP spanish edition that can be so fast and small in size, it¡s amazing what you had designed with start times and size and all this things....
  3. Yet Another XP Mod - yAXM Project

    If this will be a guide, Why not to do as modular? I'm interested aver all right thisi, in a 150mb or less cd installation, Actually I have 230mb installation cd (spanish Windows) but I wanna have a moreless install cd, tks
  4. Problem is one only file: WMP.DLL, if it's substituted for another one (for example, wmp10 wmp.dll file) or anything, function right, I tried this method, but I need to run wmp11.exe in runonceex aditional to file right the problem for bad installation. If anyone knows how can this be solved, I will thank so much...
  5. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 Lite - 5 MB Only!

    Sie sind willkommen usted es la bienvenida shark "Usted es bienvenido", or more specifically, "de nada" (translate, i'ts nothing at all) Usted or Tu is You es or eres is are welcome is bienvenido but we say "de nada"
  6. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 Lite - 5 MB Only!

    and many thanks for the spanish version, a lot of thanks
  7. WPI 5.4 Official release

    Great Job all WPI team I use WPI from some months and all was right, but in this time, I have a problem, I need to do a 2 cd install, kels put in forum cdswitch that have instructions to work with runonceex, guirunonce and xplode, but, How I can work with WPI? how this functions? WPI doesn't not generate error of I haven't disc right or what? thanks for your answers for this newbie...
  8. Firefox [ release discontinued]

    I check my package in Spanish and I found that everything is in XPI that is compressed, but how installer manage this, cause I revised every point, and I can't find any thing about chrome (.jar files) that is the language files (and some in search files). Another question, how do you uncompress Firefox... I tried, but I can't :S
  9. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 Lite - 5 MB Only!

    functions awesome, I tried and run excellent, I tried the another way and works, but this works better, thanks. We have the advantage that it's in english or spanish and installs... they needs a registry keys for work that say system function in spanish. Thanks a lot
  10. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 Lite - 5 MB Only!

    A lot of thanks Shark, I'm trying to translate a lot of your switchless programs to integrate in a new Windows version in Spanish, and this help me a lot, but I want to know how change in spanish version? 'cause I want to learn and develop someone else and again, thanks
  11. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 Lite - 5 MB Only!

    How Can I add spanish language directly to the installation pack (is the same, vid0 or shark007) I know that when I copy RdLang32.esp (in this case) and execute Adobe Reader for first time program question me for select language (english or spanish) how can I do for add the file and this will be copied in the program folder....? I need to edit .msi file or what, thanks...