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  1. [quote name='Jeremy' date='Mar 19 2005, 07:44 PM']Point: Each person has his/her own preferred browser. End of story. Cheers, all. [right][post="290688"][/post][/right][/quote] Yep, u keep using FF.. IE here
  2. I've changed KAV Personal due to recurrent persistent problems of databases updates, originated from KL servers. I also experienced a progressive slow down of my system, even with program's lowest settings. I've had enough I'm very impressed of Sophos SBE now
  3. Thanks Folks, What I don't understand is why PC's Power Supply Box 'overheating' happens only when I'm running certain programs (like IAM, original post), but this supposed 'electric overload' simply vanish after uninstall these programs. It's software vs. hardware. I find no sense here UPDATE _______________________________________________ Conclusion: Generic Power Supply Unit failure _______________________________________________ Solution: To buy a well branded PSU _______________________________________________ Thanks All
  4. I have a electric voltage stabilizer and surge supressor between pc and wall outlet. AFAIK, UPS only helps to keep PC powered on in case of electric failure. What I'm thinking of is, say, if CPU is runnning to the maximum, why would this conduce to blow PC's power supply box...
  5. It's second time it happened to me: 1. Two years ago, I installed Intel Active Monitor application http://intel.com/design/motherbd/active.htm for my Intel D850MD mainboard. Within following days after, a persistent alarm in the application warned me on an increase of temperature coming from "System Temperaure"(cooling tab), happening only when running certain programs. Once, while away from PC, I found the machine 'dead'. No electric current, simply dead. Needless to say I stayed breathless. I went to tech service and 'fortunately' technician found the PC's Power Supply Box overheated and dead. I explained him problems started after installing IAA, but he was unable to find a reason of overheating. I bought a new power supply box, uninstalled IAA and all went back to normal. 2. Last week I decided give a try and install F-Secure antivirus 2005 (full uninstalled previous one before). After reboot, performed a system scan with it. While scanning, I heard a loud 'beep' sound coming from into PC case and it powered down on it's own. Went to tech service and, again, the PC's power supply box 'dead'. Same history This is VERY strange to me. I know a new hardware installed may conduce to a general system electric failure but I have no idea on why a software??? PLEASE, any advice, thoughts, ideas or whatever to help me to understand this system behavior. Thanks
  6. Ad-Aware & Spybot. I'll install MS antispyware when official release
  7. Win XP SP2 Firewall is good enough for me, I'm behind a dsl NAT router
  8. Despite of its 'security vulnerabilities' discovered from time to time, IE will keep ruling forever ALL of webpages around cyberspace work perfectly on it
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