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  1. Outlook XP Attachments

    Nice little COM component can be downloaded from here: http://www.slovaktech.com/attachmentoptions.htm It provides you with another tab on the Options dialog in Outlook 2002 that lets you have precise control over how attachments are handled. It's $10 donationware. The Slipstick Systems Web site has other options listed, too. http://www.slipstick.com/index.htm - Collin
  2. Delete Temp Files

    Just one quick reminder for anyone lurking who might not be aware of it -- the temp directory often serves as a repository for installation files which must be present during the first system boot following the installation of a driver or software, or even following configuration changes for some apps. If you interrupt the installation process by deleting needed temp files before the installation or configuration process can be finished during the next reboot you may have problems with the software / drivers that were being installed / configured. To be safe, reboot immediately before removing files from the temp directories. - Collin
  3. [b:4c88775555]Richie101[/b:4c88775555], From where are you downloading that file? I downloaded the first time from the URL http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/pro/dow...s/powertoys.asp that was given in the first message of the thread. I just downloaded again. Both times I got a different file from the one you're reporting. Are you getting it from another site? I'd suggest getting it directly from Microsoft. The one I downloaded from there includes the ISO burner, the shell player and the background slideshow thingy. (Yeah, [b:4c88775555]babis[/b:4c88775555], I did notice that new Slideshow tab on the Display Properties dialog. Not my sort of thing to bother with, really -- but I'll probably play with it since it's already there! (Slipped past me during the install. I must have thought it was something else.) - Collin
  4. XP Display - No Effects

    If this is simply a matter of missing components you will almost certainly be able to get all the functions back by performing a repair install of the OS. Won't blow away your data or installed software, though performing a backup first is never a bad idea. Hope you get the "effects" back! - Collin
  5. I think I can explain why you didn't see the shell player and iso burner when you ran the configuration change. At that point the original "Power Toys for Windows XP.msi" installer was still registered. A new installer comes within the new Power Toys distribution file. When I ran the newly-downloaded executable I saw a message box from Windows asking me if I wanted to replace the original installer. When the setup continues in that mode it is with the new installer registered with the system, so you see the new options. At least that's the way it appeared to work when I ran it. - Collin
  6. 4 all: do u login into xp as admin. or user?

    You could always use either fast user switching (if not on a domain and if you have fast user switching enabled) or RUNAS for the installs. Just a thought. In WinXP I've kind of relaxed and allowed purely personal systems (no critical data) to be all admin users but have kept even my personal use (except when configuring the system) on the restricted user account on critical boxes. Since I've been too lazy to investigate yet, has anyone played with the other user account types by using "control userpasswords2" from the Start | Run dialog? - Collin
  7. Kind of you to post this info. You're quite right, the version that was posted a few weeks ago when I downloaded PowerToys did NOT include an ISO burner. I haven't installed the new one yet, but the download is a little larger than the old one. Thank you. - Collin