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  1. that's an awesome idea for a business!!
  2. next time compress/crop the image and use an image host like http://imageshack.us/ to make it easier on everyone. you can compress/crop with mspaint without downloading any extra tools. example: you can set the workgroup or domain in the winnt.sif file to not get that screen i assume you'd need to either specify a workgroup to join instead of a domain, or provide the correct password for that user on the domain. not entirely sure because i don't use any of that networking junk.
  3. dmidecode 2.8 for windows i don't take any credit for the changes necessary to make this work on windows, i just found found a diff file and updated the original source and compiled it. (it also compiles as-is on cygwin) get help by using the --help or -h parameter (i.e. dmidecode --help) dmidecode without parameters will list all DMI information, attached is an example of dmidecode>dmi.txt dmidecode -t only shows DMI information for the specified type. Valid type keywords are: bios system baseboard chassis processor memory cache connector slot dmidecode -s only shows the specified string from DMI. Valid string keywords are: bios-vendor bios-version bios-release-date system-manufacturer system-product-name system-version system-serial-number system-uuid baseboard-manufacturer baseboard-product-name baseboard-version baseboard-serial-number baseboard-asset-tag chassis-manufacturer chassis-type chassis-version chassis-serial-number chassis-asset-tag processor-family processor-manufacturer processor-version processor-frequency dmidecode -s system-manufacturer i think could be a possible alternative to OEMSCAN IMPORTANT NOTE: existence/accuracy of DMI (SMBIOS) information is dependent on your computer manufacturer setting the correct information. Credit for the windows port goes to Hugo Weber Compiled using Dev-C++ Dmidecode is released under the GNU General Public License dmi.txt dmidecode.exe
  4. //removed by the mod, no crack discussions
  5. those protected processes sound interesting. i wonder how different process infection is on vista.
  6. solution for hiding boot.bin and boot.catalog on the destination CD the end of the command-line for mkisofs that says: -hide boot.bin -hide boot.catalog should be: -hide-joliet boot.bin -hide-joliet boot.catalog
  7. it's definitely not that. i think kels was right. either way, why does it even matter if that little window pops up?
  8. yah, using it that way does work but using it as a loader doesn't. i don't use cmdow anymore tho because of the annoying AV signatures. i know it's not malware, but whenever i use that file it's inevitable i get countless emails from paranoid people. even tho cmdlines won't run compiled silent exes, svcpack will. strange stuff. (didn't try a loader in svcpack since the first thing i tried worked)
  9. umm...isn't that a normal part of windows setup that has always existed in xp....and always will? i have always gotten that after guirunonce.
  10. don't select the i386 folder, select the folder that contains i386.
  11. just thought i'd mention that there's an easier way to use FC. you can rely on the errorlevel instead of checking the output for a specific string. it returns an errorlevel of 0 if the files are identical, or 1 if they don't match.
  12. re delprat: start wouldn't be silent. re madhits: wtf? anyways, i got it to work. there isn't a way to run silent batches at t-12, instead they must be run at t-13.
  13. i've tried compiling my batch to silent exe using quick batch and using exescript, both don't work. i've tried using cmdow.exe and another batch file loader, both don't work. is there some trick to it? it's not an error in the batch or something lame like that, because the batch alone works fine and i use full path names in it.
  14. i didn't begin to seriously doubt the official 9/11 story until after the London bombings. the London bombings were such an obvious black-ops project that it forced many people to ask many questions. questions which lead to revelations about the history of black-ops concealed as terrorism. "The Project for the New American Century" is a good first start to any research. they calculated in one of their outlines that it would take "an event the size of Pearl Harbor" to create enough support for the middle east wars their group wanted. just the member list of PNAC alone creates a ton of questions even before you look at the aims of the group.
  15. trying Nero- /USER="Poser" /COMPANY="Posers Inc." /SERIAL="xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx" may be a good first step
  16. haha, i didn't know that at all. just took a crash course in superscalar cpu design, interesting. wikipedia says this for "Simultaneous multithreading" In processor design, there are two ways to increase on-chip parallelism with less resource requirement: one is superscalar technique which tries to increase Instruction Level Parallelism (ILP), the other is multithreading approach exploiting Thread Level Parallelism (TLP). Superscalar means executing multiple instructions at the same time while chip-level multithreading (CMT) executes instructions from multiple threads within one processor chip at the same time. There are many ways to support more than one thread within a chip, namely: Multithreaded: Interleaved issue of multiple instructions from different threads Simultaneous multithreading (SMT): Issue multiple instructions from multiple threads in one cycle. Chip-level multiprocessing (CMP or Multicore): integrate two or more superscalar processors into one chip, each execute one thread independently Any combination of multithreaded/SMT/CMP The key factor to distinguish them is to look at how many instructions the processor can issue in one cycle and how many threads from which the instructions come. For example, Sun Microsystems' UltraSPARC T1 (known as "Niagara" until its November 14, 2005 release) is a multicore processor combined with multithreaded technique instead of simultaneous multithreading because each core can only issue one instruction at a time.
  17. and execryptor still claims it's never been compromised. lol. every version of it has been unpacked. early versions had some blatant weaknesses. just like to comment about when i was talking about code size before... i wasn't talking about packers, i was talking about protections in your own code.
  18. i think VS6 scares windows. it sees that ancient pile of junk and freezes in it's tracks.
  19. just wondering what the vista equivalent of this batch command would be: for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do if exist %%i:\WIN51 set CDROM=%%i:
  20. re: mazin issue 1.) each section can have an unlimited number of commands to run. to install more than 32 apps you could combine some of them into a single section. issue 2.) you can call the batch files from SAS or run DOS commands using cmd&/c CommandToRun for right now, if you need to run SAS again, you'll have to have another folder with sas.exe and sas.ini, i hadn't thought of needing more than one ini before, so this will be changed. 1. the close button is disabled because SAS can contain "mandatory" selections to be installed. 2. meh 3. if you don't like how the timer stops, set it to 1 and the user won't have the chance to stop it 4. %sasdrive% should only return the drive where sas.exe is running from, i.e. c: or d: or e: if that's not what it's doing i need to take a look at it. 5. i could do a cdrom variable 6. no, SAS doesn't care where it's run from or where the executables that it runs reside re: Takeshi .net 2.0 okay, here are some things to be implemented in next version: SAS.exe will accept one command-line parameter pointing to the ini to load. add an environment variable cdrom that resolves to the drive with a windows cd in it. (this is kind of what %sasdrive% is for, but i concede there is a difference) disable task manager while SAS is running or remove SAS from the process list. what i'd really like to change: that ugly "&" that separates commands from their arguments. i can't think of a way to parse a command string to retrieve the arguments correctly every time. if i do you can be sure it will be changed. what i considered adding but won't: an autostart option to [pre] which instantly begins installing all default apps. why not? this is what ROEX is for, and if you want to do it at a time other than ROEX, a simple batch file or a compiled batch file are more suited to this purpose. next version will probably be a little ways off, i'm busy with other things right now.

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