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  1. sooooo cool gr8 work but plz i want to know how to add a png to be shown with the app, sorry, my first time to use wpi
  2. can u all tell me what was the reason for the war on iraq? nuclear weapons right? just let me ask , where the heck are the nuclear weapons !!!!!!!!!!! bush wants 2 things first : make the american people beilive that he is protecting them from terrorists , so he always remind them with 11/9 so they will think , if Bush gone ,the terrorists will eat them alive , and that makes him stay the brisedent of the united states for along time second : Oil but beilive me when its time for the truth , u will see what will make u all wish to kill Bush 30000 time , by the way , this is the real number for ur dead soldiers in iraq and the number is getting bigger every day and soon i will post a movie that proves
  3. i had the same problem with themes but u can solve it by going to services tap and make (themes)automatic not default
  4. good work brother but let me ask u if u dont mind, is it better or k-lite mega codec pack? coz k-lite plays also the real player and quick time video

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