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  1. Hi, This happened to me too, but fortunately I figured out what it was. In my case it was because I missed to config the Install Order on some apps, be sure to set these numbers one by one and not repeat or miss any of them, if you have 10 apps you got to have 10 order numbers from 1 to 10 Tip: Use WPI Config Lister to view the ordered list of apps you have in your config.js file. Hope I could help you.
  2. Here´s the updated Brazilian Portuguese translation file. Ver. 5.1 Aqui está a versão atualizada do arquivo de tradução para o Português do Brasil. Thank You. lang_ptb.js
  3. You should stay quiet, don´t give any ideas Just kidding . I guess that one of the features that makes nLite THE Best is its cost
  4. Which exactly visual tweaks that is still not working ?
  5. Got a Seagate SATA driver and Nforce4 based motherboard and having the same problem as discribed by the users. This begin to happen after nlite final version and if I integrate the Drivers from driverpacks.net I´ll go back to rc8 ver and try again...

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