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  1. sure: http://sgmihai.googlepages.com/LASTSESSION.INI that is after i put windows picture and fax viewer in it again. i have to test it
  2. here it is. it works for me; tell me when you include it http://sgmihai.googlepages.com/foxitnoads.reg
  3. where is the option to disable thumbnails in the tweaks? i don't see it
  4. As the topic says, i want the latest irfanview + these plugins to make irfanview able to open more formats ( http://irfanview.tuwien.ac.at/plugins/iv_formats.zip ) + associations just for picture files (no mp3 or video files) i would be very grateful if someone can build it, it would make the perfect and ultimate solution for viewing all types of pictures
  5. The one where icons are replaced with thumbnail
  6. Have you read the post carefully and followed the link below? http://acropolis.lokalen.org/2006/10/fooba...2000-components It works great for me. what post?what does that have to do with my request?
  7. i don't think it would turn into pro, pro is another executable; and i'm 100% sure you can remove the ads by registry only; will you put it into the addon if i make you the .reg file ?
  8. Quick question: what must i not remove with nlite so i have the thumnail view in explorer working; and the same for the "repair console" that i can access after i boot the xp cd; it's gone.. i want it back
  9. now if you could only remove the advertisements; that would be great; one idea would be to watch changes made to the registry while removing them manually from the menu and the make that into a .reg file can you do it ?
  10. i tried it in vmware , and it complains about a bunch of components missing (crossfader etc); also i did not see any file associations; what's the prolem ? is it because of using nlite instead of ryan integrator?
  11. Can someone take some time and make this addon ? i've made it myself but it's using a batch file, (a method which screws the file charachter names, making them all uppercase) and doesn't have file associations It's very easy to convert audio files to other formats directly from foobar if you have the encoders present I need FLAC, lame mp3, nero aac (mp4), ogg, and musepack (mpc) i also need extra components like burninate (to make audio cds directly from foobr), monkey audio decoder (ape), kernel streaming (don't know what this does, but i think i need it), and foo_winamp_spam, to make foobar compatible with all programs that display /now playing spam from winamp oh and i also want a custom foobar2000.cfg file to be copied to the foobar install dir, so i don't have to set it up every time here it is: http://rapidshare.com/files/59968352/fooba...43-void.7z.html and attached is the reg file that makes audio files associate with foobar (i think) can you please pack this all up into a proper addon ? thanks f2knoenq.reg
  12. can you update to Nero_v7.10.1.0_Micro ? i've found this but i'm not sure it works: Preputium64_Nero_v7.10.1.0_Micro_Eng_AddOn.7z
  13. that's great, does it have any ads visible in the program? can you also add these addons to the pack, it would be very great and make foxit really complete JavaScript Support GDI+ Module Eastern Asian Language Support JPEG2000/JBIG Decoder http://www.foxitsoftware.com/downloads/ thanks !
  14. yes, i can do that, i did that, that's not the issue; the problem is why does it keep doing that with my nlited xp ? maybe there's some addon responsable ? i have no idea
  15. help, my problem with desktop.inf files in the start menu still persists, any further help please ?
  16. http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/dload.html#binary_codecs http://www1.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/...al-20061022.zip these go in \codecs so it will be nice to have a full package, you know, eliminates the need of any codec pack or media player and it is very tight + file associations, of course ;p whenever you have time rado
  17. i always build from a clean disc, this was built from a clean disc. i will try to make another one though

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