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  1. i unchecked it, the problem still persists i found out that my old winnlite installation doesn't have those desktop.ini files lying around in C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Start Menu so how can i get rid of them, what is causing them to appear on the first install of windows ?
  2. ok, i did that but don't feel like reinstalling on my main machine to test it since i can't do it in vmware in the meantime i switched to nlite 1.3 final and have another problem, desktop.ini files appearing in my start menu any clues ? LAST_SESSION.INI
  3. nope, plug and play service is on actually i myself only have the problem when i change the port of my usb mouse, but a friend of mine reported that on his pc it always happens, no matter what ports are used (he uses my nlite xp disc), and says this was not the behaviour on unmodified xp so i would appreciate a bit more info on this
  4. Whenever i plug in any device, be it a USB keyboard, or any USB device in general, how come my winlite asks me for a driver instead of automatically installing the driver like normal XP? It does not remember the drivers installed, especially if i change the usb port What could be causing this behaviour and how do i fix it, it is very annoying i attached nlite.inf and the settings use with driverpacks base LAST_SESSION.INI dp.ini
  5. awesome, can you make one with all the extra codecs included ? and maybe with all video file associations ? that would be very sweet
  6. one more problem (or two) please check this out: http://sgmihai.googlepages.com/LASTSESSION.INI and tell me 1: why isn't the office 2003 addon working ? it used to work before, the addon is not corrupted (i use the 70mbytes installer on piratebay) 2: which one of those addons installs yahoo toolbar with it ? i got it in add/remove programs and dont' know which program it came with
  7. ok, so eventually i decided to make my own foxit addon, here it is: http://rapidshare.com/files/13702973/Foxit...16-void.7z.html latest build from the foxit site and all addons present there except for the languages; also contains a regtweak to remove the little ad box. made it with an autoit piece of script i found on msfn somewhere, it works for me
  8. thank you for the link rado354, i got it, but i still have to wait for my requested addons before trying to make the cd
  9. so i don't open a new topic, pls answer me this once and for all: IS there a .net framework 1.1 + 2.0 addon ? (not silent installer). if so where can i find it ?
  10. have you even read what i requested ?
  11. i need an addon of the latest foxit reader + all addons here: http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/reader_2/addons.htm (minus languages pack) + pdf file associations also i need an addon for the latest 7zip + all files associations + context menus, but without all the "compress and email" entries in the context menu can anyone kind enough do these ? i will greatly appreciate it also a quick question, i want my nlited windows to play all types of media files possible, standalone AND in firefox (streaming qt, rm, wmv), which codec pack addon would be best to use ? Is there an alternative to playing wmv 11 video streams in firefox other than installing windows media player 11 ? thanks
  12. Camarade_Tux: Try importing this at T-13/T-13 t-13/t-13 ? what is that edit: i found this thread http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=75097 about the network drives, but the conclusions are still not clear to me, how is it better to fix it, by removing that stuff from winnt.sif or by applying that fix.reg file ? or maybe i should just leave "Close Microsoft-DS port (445)" the way it is ? edit2: on nvm, i don't have those lines in winnt.sif anyway, only have : [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents = "Yes"
  13. hmmm, some of them did work in the past, what happened since then ? i want the "adjust for best performance setting (all off), where could i find a .reg file that does that ?
  14. Hello. i'm trying to build my "perfect" xp install cd. i used xp corporate edition sp2 included, with nlite 1.0final everything works fine except 2 things : 1: i can't browse the network or mount network drives 2: all the visual effects except "use visual styles on windows and buttons" are enabled even though i disabled them all with nlite. and i also selected 'Speed-Use Windows classic folders / No Tasks Sidepanel' but i still get that damned sidepanel i slipstreamed 4 driver packs from driverpacks.net using their program (LAN,CHIPSET,CPU,MASS STORAGE), after finishing with nlite. i got the same bugs with older RC's sometimes, but somtimes it would work, i guess it depends on what i remove?.. i have no idea, please help. here's the session.ini, any feedback is appreciated Last_Session.ini

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