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    Just a small update to my site today. I have fixed all Wayback Machine links. Some of them were broken because the Machine for some reason keeps saving newer snapshots of the sites despite the fact that they do not longer work. I could link to specific snapshots by date, but instead I have just used a more universal approach by utilizing the * character. The links are not direct any more, meaning that you have to choose a specific date in order to download the files, but this way guarantees more compatibility and is more future proof. Also, some time ago I started to use high contrast themes and realised that the site's layout had some issues with them. I have fixed most of them, so it should be easier to browse now if you have a high contrast theme turned on. I hope I can manage to add some newer POSReady updates next time. Please also let me know if there are any broken links that I have missed. I have also just found out that the @Mim0's website on HFSLIP and XP updates is no longer functional. For now I have just changed the URL to go through the Wayback Machine, but I am seriously thinking of adding all the HFSLIP related information to my site directly. Due to my schedule I will not have time to spend on my site on weekdays for sure, but I should be able to find at least a few hours on weekends .