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ATI drivers problem


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Hello everybody

well, I like nLited winXP and use it on my PC. it is equipped with nVidia graphics card, so I don't have problems excepting very strange behavior of russian symbols in some programs under certain curcumstances.

about 2 weeks ago I installed my compilation to my friend. he owns Radeon9200. ATi drivers were installed and after rebooting we've got 16 color mode and message that current drivers are too old for this version of windows and won't work. then I said a lot of very bad words and downloaded several versions of ATi drivers. nothing works at all. the same trouble. until now he uses microsoft drivers that ships with XP (you do understand it's no good for games and any 3d application).

then I tested my compilation on another PC with Radeon9250. the same bad thing - 16 colors and no bit more. i tried drivers from ATi site and modified Omega drivers which worked on this pc being installed on original XP SP2.

does anybody know how to handle this trouble? if you need nLite ini file I'll attach it to the thread.

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