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  1. I've been staring at nLite for a whole day and couldn't see if there a checkbox to make start menu classic look. is there my lovely chekbox or not? thanks.
  2. I don't like brand name computers. they are too sensitive to original components. but ... they are completele designed and made up of third-party chips. so you really need drivers for those chips. I never use Asus video drivers for nVidia-based Asus cards for instance. sometimes it's difficult to identify chip, but everything is possible. install original XP, original drivers, look at devices exact names, find drivers and go to nLited XP. this method usually works.
  3. before installing newer nVidia driver you MUST uninstall previous. Or try using right-click\update driver in device manager.
  4. without txtsetup.oem cannot use txtmode drivers. and another notice about ICH hubs - Intel offers ICHx and ICHxR versions. only R-labeled hubs support AHCI and RAID capabilities. I've spent a whole day trying to install AHCI on motherboard with ICH9 befor I looked at mb specification.
  5. First of all go to (Control panel) \ (Regional and language options) and check all the tabs to be set to Russian\Cyrillic. Check flag "Apply all settings ..." at the bottom of Advanced tab and press Apply. After that go to regedit HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\NLS and click to CodePage folder. You'll see a lot of numbers. Find 1250 and 1252. Then set their values 1250.nls to 1251.nls and 1252.nls to 1251.nls. Reboot. It corrects problems with displayed cyrillics, but you may experience troubles with CorelDRAW when using some cyrillic font. You can type, save, open Corel documents without problems, but the people with non-nLited XP may see abracadabra.
  6. Yesterday I couldn't install nVidia drivers for 8600GT card & drivers for ADI sound on Asus P5B motherboard via Setup.exe first error screen: >SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (469) pAPP: pVENDOR: PGUID: $ @Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) IE 6.0.2900.2180 then after pressing Ok: ... some strings like "Close all running programms" ... Error code: -5001 installing those devices via device manager \ right click \ update drivers were successful. Installation was compiled of WinXP SP2 VL, Ryan update pack (June 2007), Ryan DirectX update (June 2007), intel chipset inf 8.3. A lot of components were cut out (games, useless languages, keyboards, themes and so on). all useful stuff left in place. I've been using very similar compilation on my PC and it works Ok. what's my problem?
  7. Hello everybody well, I like nLited winXP and use it on my PC. it is equipped with nVidia graphics card, so I don't have problems excepting very strange behavior of russian symbols in some programs under certain curcumstances. about 2 weeks ago I installed my compilation to my friend. he owns Radeon9200. ATi drivers were installed and after rebooting we've got 16 color mode and message that current drivers are too old for this version of windows and won't work. then I said a lot of very bad words and downloaded several versions of ATi drivers. nothing works at all. the same trouble. until now he uses microsoft drivers that ships with XP (you do understand it's no good for games and any 3d application). then I tested my compilation on another PC with Radeon9250. the same bad thing - 16 colors and no bit more. i tried drivers from ATi site and modified Omega drivers which worked on this pc being installed on original XP SP2. does anybody know how to handle this trouble? if you need nLite ini file I'll attach it to the thread.
  8. greetengs everyone! nLite is nice tool, I use it since version 0.9x. But I still experience problems with russian language. NeroBurning displays wrong symbols in project (left) panel, but correct in right panel. ACDSee browser also displays russian filenames incorrectly. When renaming files in Nero project panel or ACDSee browser everything diplays correctly untill I press enter. Alcohol main menu also wrong in russian. Maybe a lot of similar problems that I have not found well, there's a way to solve this problem by changing registry values: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nls\Codepage 1250 = "CP_1251.nls" (was "CP_1250.nls") 1252 = "CP_1251.nls" (was "CP_1252.nls") after doing that everything works fine, but ... what another troubles are revealed by those changes? and ... is it possible to remove first start pages like setting up updates, registering, creating first users and so on?

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