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DoNotCleanTaskBar - Hard to believe behavior is by design

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cc: microsoft.public.windows.vista.installation_setup

My findings are that the combination of <CopyProfile> and <DoNotCleanTaskBar> do work, but with a very strange anomaly.

Say the SysPrep is done by user -- say "ADM" -- (either a local admin or a network account with admin privileges" then when the image is re-booted. If a new user logs into the computer, it can be verified that all of ADM's settings, including the QuickLaunch icons on the task bar, have been copied to the Default User profile, and propagated to the new user.

However, if ADM logs in, then MOST of the original profile settings will have been preserved (or, perhaps deleted and then re-propagated from Default User), but the Quick Launch bar has been wiped clean -- the only icons that show are for "Computer" and "Show Desktop".

If you're setting up images for testing, as I am, and intend to use the same Username in all phases, then this means that you have a bunch of manual work to do.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

BTW I would hope that it would be possible to avoid having to copy the profile under a different user account, and just arrange some code to refresh the Quick Launch bar at some point in the process. Any hints on how to accomplish that simply would be appreciated.

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