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vb getfolder not working properly in vista pe

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I have this bit of vb code...

Private Sub MountB_Click()

MountPath.Text = GetFolder(Me.hWnd, "ÇëÑ¡Ôñ WIM ¾µÏñ¹ÒÔصÄĿ¼")

End Sub

and it does not seem to work properly within vista pe winpe 2. Works fine in XP and 2003 but just opens an blank explorer window.

I am new to all the vb thing so please be gentle

the last bit is in chinese PAR

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i first posted a VBS example, then realised you were using normal VB, but i'm putting it back.

either way, that GetFolder statement is strange looking.

GetFolder returns a folder object which contains various properties/methods.

here's a VB example:


and here's a short VBS example:


(even though it's in VBS it should be similar enough for you to understand)

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Many Thanks for the reply rootworm.

I am taking this into work for how i put this nicly ah yeah our resident code geek to have a look.

He prob tell me I am being a biff or something.

again many thanks and I will post back with my findings

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